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November 18, 2012
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Ugh. Big decisions had always been hard for you. Now faced with "which cat" You were starting to get stressed.

It didn't help that you wanted to take all of them home with you.

'Only one.' You thought 'I only have enough room in my small house for one cat'


On a whim, you sat down. The first cat to approach you, would be the one you took home.
Every cat made a giant circle around you. Felling like you might cry, you crossed your arms.

"They're usually not like this." Elizabaeta stared at the cats in confusion.

A huge Russian forest cat, sat down three feet away, his creepy purple eyes seeming to drill into your very soul.

Defiantly not the cat you were taking home......Even though he was the closest one to you.

Something nudged your hand. A large white cat sat next to you. Stretching out a paw, he batted at leather bracelet on your wrist. The Thor's hammer charm swung wildly.

"You like Norse things Kitty?"

The cat blinked slowly. You lifted your wrist and dangled the charm above his head. Leaping onto your lap, he swiped wildly at the charm.

"What's his name?" The cats long fur tickled your arm. Elizabeta grinned.

"That's Lukas. I have NEVER seen him act like that."
You grinned back, "I'll take him."

------Time skip------

Lukas had his face pressed against the car window. You wondered what held his attention.
Something darted past the window. Slamming on the breaks, Lukas fell of the passenger seat, mewling.

"Oh my gosh!!! I'm so sorry Kitty!!!!!" You squealed, eyes going wide.

The cat huffed, jumping back onto the seat. You noticed a lock of hair that fell in his eyes. You'd have to do something about that.

-----Time skip-----

"Come ON!! If you won't let me cut it off, then at least let me tie it up!!" You ran after the white cat. The cat ignored your pleas, leaping onto your bed and diving under the covers.

Pulling him out, you grabbed the lock of hair and tied a rubber band around it. Lukas squirmed, scowling.

"I'm sorry Lukas! But if you don't pull it back you could bump into something."

The cat flicked his tail wildly. His blue eyes narrowed.

Shrugging, you walked out of the room. Some thing like the tinkling of tiny bells sounded behind you.

Wiping around you stared at the cat. His cheeks were bulging.

"What have you got there?" Tilting your head, you gave him a quizzical look. Lukas jumped off the bed and bolted past you.


-----Time skip------
Flour, milk, eggs, were you forgetting?

Behind you came the familiar tinkling sound.
Once again, Lukas's cheeks were bulging.

"What do you have." Grabbing his jaw, you frowned at the cat. He stared back, a muffled tinkling noise coming from within his mouth.

"Spit it out." As gently as you could, you pried his mouth open.

A silver blue orb flew out, tinkling wildly.


Lukas chased after the ball, running out side. You hurried after him, leaping over the low wall that separated your garden from the woods.

The woods. Dark and slightly forbidding. Should you really be here?

You jogged after your cat uneasily. Lukas stopped in a small clearing, batting the orb. It swirled and looped in the air.

"Um, kitty." Your bracelet jangled slightly as you approached.
"Come on, let's go home."

Lukas flicked his ears back. His eyes wide. The perfect picture of kitty surprise.

A low snuffling came from behind.

You froze. Hot breath tickled the back of your neck. Almost mechanical, you turned around.

A large, green being stood before you, its lower jaw jutting out slightly. You could see saliva hanging off stone like teeth.

It stared at you.

You stared back.

A Troll. It was a frickin' troll.

It reached out a mossy green hand and patted your head tentatively.

Lukas climbed up it's leg and sat on it's shoulder. The little silver orb buzzing around his head.

"Am I dreaming?" You felt your legs shaking, struggling to hold you aloft.

The troll tilted its head. Lukas did the same, looking much cuter than the giant creature it was sitting on. The orb twirled once more around lukas, then spun around your head. It paused as if considering you. Glowing brighter it made a poping sound.

A tiny fairy fluttered above you. She (you guessed it was a she) was wrapped in a gray-brown cloak.

This was to much for your mind to take in all at once. Your vision blurred and then you passed out.

-----Lukas the Cat's point of view.--------

The tall, upright creature had fallen over. I glanced at my companions. The big green upright creature gently picked her up and carried her to a bed of moss. Setting her down,

He lifted me off his shoulder and put me next to her.
The tiny glowing bird-bug twirled around us, frantically yelling in her tiny voice.

I didn't understand what she was saying though. Just like I don't understand what my owner says.

Well actually, I do understand, Food, Treat, No and Vet. The last one not a nice word.

The big Green guy sat down, picking little blue flowers and weaving them into a circle shape.

Bird-bug started diving around my head, kicking her tiny legs. Reaching out a paw I batted her into my mouth.

Problem solved.

----Your point of view------
You blinked your eyes open slowly. Stars glittered on your midnight-blue ceiling.

So pretty.

Wait a minute. You didn't have a blue ceiling. Hell, You didn't even know anybody that did.

(Well maybe that guy from the Library, Matthew. He was always going on about stars and constellations.)

Sitting up you gaped at your surroundings. Little white lamp like things twirled in the air around you. There was a name for those.....Um...... Will-o'-the-wisps.

The troll was sitting next to you. Trying not to pass out again, you gave it a shaky smile. It grinned back, giving you a nice view of its large, broken and extremely sharp looking teeth. Reaching out, he gently placed a flower crown on your head. It was actually quite pretty.

"Mew" Lukas pawed at your arm.

"You want to go home kitty?"
He just stared.

"Food? Are you hungry?" His ears straightened. Standing up he bound towards the path you had taken to get here. Standing up you followed. The troll hunched his shoulders, looking crest-fallen.


Maybe he didn't have any friends and Lukas was the only one brave enough to sit around him. Pausing you held out a hand towards him. Smiling like a child, the troll grabbed your hand, letting you lead him back home.

----Time skip----

"Bjarte! Please use the spoon I gave you." You whipped the chocolate ice cream off the Trolls face.

Yes you had named the troll. It was Norweign, meaning "bright." You had picked it because barely anything darkened his happy mood.

Taking care of him was almost like taking care of a five year-old. But it was fun.

Lukas flicked his tail. At first the little cat had not liked having the troll in the house. But as time went on, he had warmed up to the green guy.
The troll picked Lukas up and started petting him. So cute.

"You guys want to watch a movie?"

Bjarte was in the living room in a flash. The tall green troll loved musicals. You had rented everyone available from the library and now relied on your Austrian friend Roderich to tell you which were the best to buy.

So today you and your companions were going to watch "The sound of music"

Bjarte grinned, hugging Lukas closer to him. The cat flicked his tail in annoyance, but didn't try to wiggle out of his grip.

You grinned. Getting the cat was the best decision ever.
OwO I love Norse myths xD


Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san

The picture (c) Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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