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December 26, 2012
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You looked around at the large group of cats and bit your thumb nail. This was going to be harder than you thought.

"Take your time." Elizabeta grinned  "It's a big decision getting a pet!"

You nodded, staring down at the cats gathered at your feet. They were all extremely cute.
A short-haired white cat streaked past you, followed by a much larger and fluffier long-haired white cat. A third cat, also white, but with beige patches, followed lazily.
The little cross on his collar jangled merrily.

Pausing the cat turned and looked up at you. You stared down at him, his odd green eyes seeming to sparkle.

"What's this guys name?" You crouched down and patted his head.

"Antonio, he's one of the friendliest cats we have." Elizabeta crouched next to you, smiling at the cat.

"I'll take him!"

Antonio sat in the passenger seat, his little face pressed up against the mesh of the cat carrier.

"I hope you like your new home."

He blinked his glimmering emerald eyes and mewed. Smiling you turned into your driveway.
After letting him out of the carrier, you watched as the cat wandered around his new home.
He stopped in front of your CD rack and began pawing at a CD.

"You like Salsa music Kitty?" He blinked once, as if to say yes. You laughed and grabbed the CD.

---Time skip----

You soon found out that the cat not only liked to listen to dance music, but also Dance to the music.

You had found out when you walked into the living room, a week after adopting Antonio.

The cat was on his hind legs, moving back and forth with unsteady steps. His paws up against his chest.

"Are you trying to dance Toni?" You sat on the floor as the cat wobbled back and forth. He glanced at you with his brilliant emerald eyes, ears flicking back slightly.

He repeated a series of steps. You blinked, frowning. The steps looked kinda familiar. It was crazy to think it but....

Antonio, the cat, looked like he was doing the salsa.

He looked up at you and mewed, falling back onto his front paws.

"To bad you can't teach me to dance." Toni mewed, tilting his head slightly.
Reaching out you scooped him up, patting his head.

Later that night, Antonio came up to you, a Salsa CD held lightly in his jaws.
"What're you doing?"

He reached out with a paw and grabbed your pants leg with a claw. Then he walked towards the living room, looking back at you every now and then.

You followed, feeling slightly silly.

"Do you want me to put the CD in?" The cat blinked, placing the CD at your feet. You picked it up an thumbed the CD player on.

The music filled the room, giving it a festive feeling.

Antonio grabbed you pant leg  with his mouth and tugged you gently towards the center of the living room.

You watched as he repeated the steps, his little collar jangling. Then Antonio looked up at you and tilted his head as if saying   'Your turn.'

You frowned, looking down at him.  "You want me to dance?"
The cat blinked and mewed.

You were either crazy or your cat was the most intelligent animal on the face of the Earth.

You stumbled over the steps.

After a while, you managed to complete them smoothly.

"You got it Chica!"
You froze, eyes wide, and slowly turned around.

A tall, well tanned man, with messy brown hair stood behind you. Bright emerald eyes glittered above a bright white smile. And he was completely nude

"WH-   WHERE'S MY CAT!!!" You stumbled backwards clutching the neck of your t-shirt. The man's smile dropped slightly.

"What? I'm right here!"

You shook your head, your face bright red. "You are NOT my cat!!"
His green eyes, so much like your cat's, turned sad.

"But I am chica!! You broke the spell."
He tugged on the little cross dangling from the collar around his neck.



You were either going to pass out, or kick the guy until he told you were your cat was.
He obviously saw that you were leaning towards the 'Kicking' option.

"Wait, Chica!" The panic in his green eyes, mirrored the panic bubbling beneath your skin.

He blinked, seeming to realize for the first time that he was completely naked.
Blushing, he grabbed a pillow of the couch, holding it in front of him.

"See chica, All over the cats at the Shelter, were once people."  He paused, standing awkwardly for a moment.

"One of them, Arthur, he liked to mess with magic. And one day, we got caught in it." He paused again, looking at you.

You narrowed your eyes, motioning for him to continue.

"So then we all turned into cats. Elizabeta was the only one who didn't get hit."

"So how did I break this CURSE?" You made quotation motions with your fingers when saying the last word.

He smiled, looking exactly like your cat for a moment.

"You danced with me!! It was the trigger!!"

The sarcastic part of you that lived in your head , the one that said the nasty things you wouldn't dare say to someone's face, snorted, 'Lame much?'

"Really? That's all it took?"

"Yes!!!" He grinned, "It was so easy!!! Thank you!!" At the last phrase, he throw his arms up, as if to hug you.

Your blush returned ten-fold as the pillow dropped. Antonio, you were starting to believe him, blushed to the roots of his messy hair.

"S-sorry, chica........Um, you wouldn't happen to have a pair of pants I could borrow?"


You ran into your bedroom, rifling through you closet for a pair.

----Time Skip-----

"So if I had adopted another cat, I could have broken their spell?"

Antonio nodded, wrapping his hands around one of the mugs of Hot chocolate you had made.

"Yes and No. The fact that my trigger was dancing, was really lucky." He took a sip, grinning over the edge of the the mug at you. You found your self grinning back at him.

"So I might not have found the other cat's triggers."

He bobbed his head up and down in agreement.   "You might've figured it out after a while,
but the odds are just as good that you wouldn't have."

You both stared at each other, both of you grinning like idiots. When you realized what you were doing, you both dropped your smiles and turned bright red.

"I'm glad you adopted me chica." He paused  "As weird as that sounds."

You laughed, "I'm glad I adopted you too."
FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the next one done!!! :>

Intro- [link]

:iconphoenixheart824: Suggested that I make Neko-Toni dance ^u^ Thank you vvery much for the Idea!!!!

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san

The picture (c) Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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