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October 26, 2012
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Neko-Sweden and Neko-FinlandxReader


So many caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats.

You tapped your foot in frustration. How could such a small room hold so many cats?
Which cat...... How could something so simple be so difficult? Did that even make sense?

You remembered a slight problem. Your son.

Geez, you didn't want to bring home a cat that would scratch or bite him.

"Um are there any cats that don't mind kids?" You scratched the back of your head, surveying the assortment before you.

Elizabeta nodded, "We have Berwald and Tino." She pointed at a chair. On it sat two cats, a small beige one and a rather intimidating looking, big gray-blue cat. "Tino is a really sweetheart. He loves people, especially little kids. Berwald doesn't really interact that much with people, but he can be really affectionate when he wants."

You stared at both cats. Berwald glared back. Geez.

"Um could I have Tino?" The smaller cat defiantly looked kid friendly. Elizabeta nodded and reached for him. Berwald hissed quietly, reaching out a paw and batting her hand away.

She frowned, "Come on Ber, I know Tino is your friend but he'll be going to a good home."
Berwald pulled his ears back and hissed louder. Elizabet pulled back and stared at you helplessly.

"I'll try." Stepping forward you reached for Tino. The little cat rubbed his head against your hand. Berwald flicked his ears forward and tilted his head. Slowly you picked Tino up and  placed him in the carrier.

Berwald jumped down and shoved his way in. Smushing Tino against the carrier wall.
"Hey......" Your voice trailed off. Why not. Alfred had always wanted a cat. Why not two?

"I'll take both of them."

Elizabeta nodded. "I'm surprised Ber even let you pick Tino up."

----Driving home----

You glanced down at the seat beside you. Both cats were staring up at you.
"You guys be nice. My son has always wanted a pet. So this will be a big thing for him."

Both cats blinked. "Al is only five." You added as an after thought.

Then you smiled, how crazy did you have to be to lecture cats?

----At home----

You pulled into your driveway, noting the bicycle on the front lawn.

Iggy was here.

Lugging the carrier up to the door, you reached out and rang the doorbell. You heard someone run towards the door. Iggy pulled it open, out of breath. His hair and face were covered with flour.

"Trying to cook again Iggy?" The Englishman grinned, "Yeah, your kitchen got caught in the cross fire." You grinned.

He nodded at the cat carrier, "Whats that?" setting it down in the hallway, you looked around "Wheres Al?"

Before he could answer, a small shape hurtled out of the kitchen. "MOOOOOOOOOMMY!!!"
Laughing you Lifted Alfred into a big hug. "Hi!!" He chirped excitedly "Uncle Arthur set fire to the muffins again!!!" He was covered in as much flour as Iggy. Hooking his arms around your neck, he peered over your shoulder.

"What's that?" Setting him down you opened the cage.
"They are our new kitties!"

You watched as his blue eyes widened. Tino rubbed up against his leg and mewed. Berwald sat back, watching carefully.


------Time Skip-------

Three months had passed since you had gotten Berwald and Tino. To say that Tino was a affectionate cat was an understatement.

Tino would follow Alfred everywhere. When Al sat, Tino would curl up on his lap. When Alfred went to bed, Tino would sleep on his head. It had to be the cutest thing ever.

Berwald had taken a liking to you. He would follow you around, but always make sure to be within sight of Tino.

"Moooooooooommy!" Alfred stumbled down the hallway, a rather depressed looking Tino in his arms. You laughed. He had dressed the cat in a white frilly dress.

"Honey, I don't think Tino likes that." You watched as the cat tried to squirm backwards out of the dress.

"But he looks cute!" Alfred pulled a doll's tuxedo jacket out of his pocket. "I even have  something for Berwald to wear!!"

Before you could stop him, Alfred had the cat in his arms, stuffing poor Berwalds paws in the jacket sleeves. Surprisingly Berwald didn't hiss or scratch. He just sat there, his ears twitching.
Dragging the now clothed Berwald over to Tino, Alfred sat back and grinned. "See?!"
Grabbing Berwald's paw, he placed it over Tino's paw.

"Now your married! You can kiss the bride!"

To your utter astonishment Berwald licked Tino's nose.

Alfred clapped his hands, grinning.

Behind you the fire alarm went off in the kitchen.

"FUCKING MUFFINS!!!" You grinned and grabbed on of the many fire extinguishers you kept in your house.

Alfred watched as Berwald rubbed his head against Tino's. Mommy had gotten the best kitties.

That picture is too cute.... I found it on google


Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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