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February 26, 2013
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Pirate!JapanxPirate!ReaderxPirate!Scotland (With Bounty Hunter Australia)

Queen of the seas

Part Two


The heels of your white leather boots made a clicking noise as you made your way through the silent cobbled streets of Cassis, France. Jones followed you along with Yao,  both looking slightly apprehensive. You continued on your way, trying to ignore the fear preying at your mind.

Finally you arrived at your destination. A small, cracked, greying doorway tucked into an alleyway. You knocked, leaning on the crumbling wall next to it. Yao looked about, tugging on his hair, while Jones nervously tapped on the burnished gun holstered to his hip.

You knocked again, harder this time, more insistent. Yao let out a sigh, pulling a dragon head pipe full of tabaco out of his ridiculously large sleeves. You knocked again, feeling your already short patience growing thinner.

The door was yanked open and a very sleepy, irritated and obviously hungover Frenchman looked out. You grinned and gave him a small wave, the delicate lace of your sleeve blowing in a slight breeze.  "You look like shit Francis."

He grunted something incoherent and stumbled back inside, leaving the door open. You followed motioning to Yao and Jones to follow. They did, slightly warily than you were, looking back several times. Francis sat down at a small wooden table, pushing his wavy blonde hair out of his face.

"What do you want  _____."

"What makes you think I want something Francis?"

The Frenchman laughed, pouring wine into a large glass. Taking a swig he sighed, leaning back in his chair. You sat next to him, draping a leg across his lap. Francis laughed again and shoved your leg off.

"I already 'ave a wife  _____, zat move won't work anymore."  He sighed again and stared at Yao and Jones. They stared back, eyes narrowed, looking slightly creeped out.

"You only ever come to me when you want somezing. So what is it?"

"I need to make sure that no one has started searching for me."

Francis began to laugh yet again, then shook his head. You waited for him to elaborate, glaring slightly. Yao sat cross legged on the floor while Jones looked about the small kitchen, obviously hungry.

"Zere are zree searching for you. A Navigator, a random Pirate and a bounty hunter."

A bounty hunter. You raised an eyebrow and he elaborated.  "Ze guy came to me, wanted to know if I would pay 'im more zen 40 gold pieces for your capture."

"What did you tell him?"

"Zat I wasn't interested in women."

You let out a laugh. Typical Francis, he knew exactly what to do to get out of answering a question.

"He ran out of 'ere like 'is ass was on fire."

Yao and Jones watched this exchange, looking confused. (And in Jones case, also very hungry.)

"Sooooo, delusional men?"

"Ze very worst. All zough zat Kiku guy is very blank looking."

"Wonderful." You grumbled, letting out a sigh. Standing up you clapped your hands. Jones jumped to attention, while Yao slowly got off the floor. Turning to Francis, you gave him a short bow.

"Thanks for the help Frenchie."

"My pleasure." He grinned, picking up his wine glass and holding it out to you in a toast.

"May you escape ze clutches of ze delusional men."

You nodded and left. Jones and Yao struggled to keep up as you sped walked back to your ship. Once aboard you began shouting orders. The crew scrambled about the white deck, understanding the urgency in your voice.

-Scotland's POV-

I stared at the giant expanse of sea, eyes narrowed. What was taking so long?  Captain Kiki or whatever had locked himself inside his cabin with the order that no one was to disturb him. It had been three hours with no word from the little creep.

Lighting a cigarette, I let out a growl of frustration. To make things worse, he had forbade me from bringing any form of liquor a board.

A load of shite.

I glared at the ever silent crew around me. The lot was creepy as hell and twice as ugly. (my opinion any way) But they were better company than my bastard of a brother would ever be.

The cabin door slid open and the small Captain came out. He nodded to me, holding a weathered map in his hands.

"I have proted the course she is supposed to be taking."


He spread the map on the ground in front of me, tracing on of the many crisscrossing red lines on the surface. I looked at it, unsure of what he was trying to get at. The man looked up, seeming to understand that I had no idea what he was going on about.

He pointed to a spot marked on the map with a skull and several Japanese symbols.

"The rearm of the sirens."

Rearm? It took a moment for my mind to process his accent. Realm.

"Sirens? The crazy bitches are jist fairy tales."

Kiki or Kiku (Honestly I really didn't give a shit about his name) shook his head. Pushing the Captains hat back on his head, he stared up at me, his emotionless eyes searching mine.

"Arl regends are formed from bits of truth."

Great. I picked a crazy asshole. Shaking my head I sighed, flicking my forgotten cigarette into the sea.

"Yer a crazy bastard."

He took the insult with out flinching, staring at me like a snake does to prey. I stared back.  Why had he agreed to help me in the first place? Doubt and suspicion crept into my mind.

I would have to keep an eye on him.

-Australia's POV-

I attempted to loosen the handcuffs for the tenth time. Gritting my teeth against the sharp pain that shoot through my wrists.

"Not going to work Jett." Arthur murmured from his seat behind an ornate desk. I glared in his direction, jaw clenched. He looked up from a pile of paper, motioning to a guard. The man left, then came back a few moments later with a tray filled with fixings for tea.

Great. My sissy, tea drinking brother. No wonder the entire family hated him with a passion.

"Why were you at a known slave traders den instead of searching for the Pirate Queen?"

I smirked and tried to look as indifferent as possible. He waited for my answer, the sadly genetically inherited large eyebrows furrowed in anger. Geez, he had even started wearing one of those idiotic white wigs.


"I was just seein' what others were biding for the Pirate Queen."

Arthur's eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared.  "You what?!"

I shrugged, not bothering to suppress the grin. Arthur inhaled sharply, fists clenched tightly. I watched silently as he had a tiny spaz attack. It was really sad, he had gone from being a happy child to a control freak with attitude problems.

"You will find her and be happy with the pay I give you." He snarled, teeth clenched and lips barely moving.  "Or I will kill you."

It wasn't a threat. It was a promise.

The guard removed the handcuffs. Rubbing my wrists, I headed out. Before I reached the door, I turned and grinned at him.

"An' Artie. That wig makes your eyebrows look like Caterpillar."

His face turned red and he flipped the tray on his table, spilling tea across the rug, smashing the cups.

I left my brothers office with a smug smirk. I would capture the Pirate Queen, but she wasn't going to my brother. Oh no, I was going to have some fun first.
Part two :D What's the reader searching for?

Next- coming soon

I own nothing but the plot :>
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