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March 26, 2013
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2P!AmericaxReader  (With kid 2P!England)

Different voices

Oneshot Drabble.

You hummed contentedly, mixing the large pot of pasta sauce. Your son Oliver stared at you, head in his hands. You flashed a smile at him and he grinned back, his large eyebrows lifting upwards.


"Yes Ollie?" You added more garlic to the sauce, slowly stirring it into the sauce. You son stood up and hopped over to you, his bright pink shorts rustling slightly.

"How come you always use the 'Safe to approach voice' around me, unless you're mad?"

You frowned at looked at him, wondering what he had meant. Your son grinned up at you, dancing around the kitchen.

"Daddy says that you use different voices depending on your mood." You watched as Oliver twirled and leaped about the kitchen. Frowning you turned back to the pot of sauce. What did Alfred mean by that?

"Ooooh. Did I just get daddy in trouble?"

"No Oliver. Go set the table, dinner is nearly ready." The little boy nodded, running into the dinning room.

As you finished preparing dinner, you mulled over what your son had said. So, Alfred had figured out how to gauge your emotions through your voice tone? You were surprised he had though to do that, after all the man wasn't exactly the most attentive when it came to emotions. You had found that out on your first date with him.

After dinner, Matthew came over. Alfred disliked his older brother, but grudgingly allowed the man to stay, seeing Oliver had fun playing  board games with him. When Matt suggested that he take Oliver to a movie, you had both agreed.

Now you had Alfred alone, just what you needed. Sauntering over to him, you watched as he flipped through a book, his eyes scanning the pages. It was unusual for him to be reading, he usually preferred watching you or napping in the evenings

"Sooooooo.....Al." You sat on the edge of his chair, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. He looked up, flashing you a small smile.

"Yes, doll face?"

"Which voice am I using now?"

You watched, slightly amused as his face turned pale. He pursed his lips, suddenly intent on the page before him. You tilted your head, resting it on his.


He swallowed audibly, then glanced up at you, crimson eyes wary. You tried not to laugh, he was such a silly man sometimes.

"Your inquisitive voice."

You nodded, twining your fingers through his dark hair. He let out a little sigh of content, his eyes half-lidded.

A thought struck you and you tried your best not to laugh. Opening your mouth, you began to say it, when Al stopped you. He looked up, that sneaky smirk of his flashing across his face. A chill went down your spine, not an unpleasant chill, but rather an excited chill.
He tossed the book aside and pulled you towards him, onto his lap.

"You wanna know my favorite voice that you use?"

You nodded, suppressing a shiver. Al's smirk had grown, his crimson eyes glittering. He leaned forward, pressing his lips against you ear.

"Your bedroom voice."

He pulled away and you felt glad that Matthew had taken Oliver to the movies.

----Matt's P.O.V-----

I pulled into the driveway, my head pounding. What the fuck was wrong with Al's kid? Sure he was smart and quite kind, but seriously. He had an unhealthy addiction to chic-flicks.
I glanced at his pink shirt and blue sweater vest. Geez, it was no wonder.  

Before Oliver could get out, I squinted at the house, lowering my sunglasses slightly. There were no lights on in the house.

Great. Al dumps the kid on me and bangs his wife. Typical asshole brother move.

Glowering, I turned to Oliver. He grinned at me, totally oblivious to my pissed mood. With his freckles and abnormally pink hair he looked like he belonged on a set made completely of cotton candy.

"You want some pizza or candy? What ever little shits like you eat." Oliver flinched at the curse, his face paling slightly, making his freckles stand out.

"Um.... Scones and tea?"

I stared for a moment, jaw slack. My glasses slid down my nose slightly.

If he wasn't getting beat up at school for his crazy clothing, odd hair and weird eyebrows, then he was certainly being bullied for his adult like mannerism and tastes in food.

I sighed and pulled out of the drive way.  Where did one go for tea and scones?

My headache was getting worse. I was going to kill Al for this little stunt.
Requested by - :iconaznbubblegumz: I hope you like it!!!

I own nothing but the plot!
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And Mattie never babysat Ollie ever again. :icontruestoryplz:
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And little Ollie is so cute! ... :iconrussiaauraplz: Anyone who dares to be bullying my little cupcake better be ready to be in so much pain they'll wish Al was the one torturing them in stead...
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