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February 16, 2013
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Father!FrancexCollege student!Reader


:I France is not the reader's dad in this one..... Just letting you know in advance xD


Trudging through the snow, you shivered. It was so frickin' cold.

Stumbling slightly on an unseen obstacle in the snow, you paused to catch your breath.

All around you the streets and sidewalks were covered with snow. Little indentations indicating where people had walked before you. Looking up, you could see the grey-white sky, and indication of more snow to come.


You blinked and looked around.  Who had just spoken?


The cry came again, this time quieter, like the yeller had given up slightly. You turned in a circle and spotted the source of the noise.

A little boy stood sobbing in the snow, tears streaming down his bright pink cheeks. Trudging over to him, you bent.

"Are you alright? Did you lose your dad?"

The little boy nodded, wiping his purple eyes with his bright red gloves.

"I can't find Papa!!"

You nodded, scanning your immediate surroundings for a frantic man. There was none.
Reaching into your pocket, you pulled out a tissue and gently wiped his face.

"Don't worry, we'll find him."

He nodded, his bottom lip trembling.

Poor kid.  All this snow made the landscape disorienting. It was easy to understand how he got lost.

"What does your Papa look like."

The kid though for a moment, brow furrowing.
"Uh.....Handsome, really handsome."

That helped, not. Alrighty then, you'd have to call the guys name.

"What's his name?"

He answered without hesitation  

"His name is Papa!!"

That really cleared things up.

Sigh, you looked around again. No sign of anyone. It was like you were the only two left on this tundra of snow.


You turned and stared. Someone was running towards you. He stopped in front of you and the kid, hands on his knees, breathing heavily.

From your vantage point, you could see that the little boy was correct. His father was Handsome. Scratch that, he was drop dead gorgeous.

"Mazew, what did I say about staying in ze Restaurant?"

Matthew looked at the ground, rubbing his nose.

"But I wanted to play in the snow Papa."

The man sighed, then turned to you,  "Zank you for taking care of him."

"Um...that's okay, it was nothing!"

You stood up, brushing your knees off. Waving at Matthew, you turned and headed for home.

----Time skip----

You were exhausted. It had been a week since you met Matthew and his gorgeous father. A really long week. Sometimes you wondered if you took too many classes.
Slouching through the snow, you looked around the twilight lit streets. Your stomach let out a grumble.

Right food.

Entering the nearest restaurant, you followed the waitress to a small table in the back corner. Setting your bag down, you sat, flipping through the menu.

" 'Ello, I am Francis, I will be your waiter today."

That accented voice was familiar. You looked up and blinked, it was Matthew's father.

"Oh! You're zat girl who found, Mazew."

The man smiled, and held out his hand.

"I'm Francis Bonnefoy."

You shook his hand,  "I'm   ________   _________."

Francis nodded, still smiling.

"I really didn't zank you properly for finding Mazew."

You blushed, shaking your head.

"Really, It's no big deal!!"

Francis pursed his lips (and action you found insanely cute) and shrugged.

"Zen ze meal is on ze house!"

You turned bright red. Geez, the guy was really nice. You began to protest, but he cut you off, insisting until you finally agreed.

While waiting for your meal, you noticed that Matthew was sitting alone at a table near yours, scribbling on a piece of paper.

You wondered were his mother was and then you wondered if his mother had left him to his father.

It was kind of sad. A little boy sitting all alone, practically invisible to the world.

Standing up, you walked over to his table and stared at his drawing. Matthew looked up and smiled.

"Nice lady!!"

"Hi Matthew. What are you drawing?"

He held up the drawing. A stick figure man and a stick figure boy. Matthew and his father.

"That's really good." You chirped, resting your head on your hands. Matthew grinned, pulling out a clean sheet of paper and more crayons.

"Wanna draw?"


You lost track of time, doodling with the little boy. You failed to notice Francis come over with your food and sit next to you.

It was only several minutes later when he tapped your arm did you realize.  

"Ah!! Sorry."

He smiled,  "Once again I must zank you   ______."

You stared at him blankly.

"You kept Mazew company."

You blushed, ducking your head slightly. Matthew grinned, still coloring his picture.

"It's nothing, really. He's a sweet kid."

Francis's smile grew and he ducked his head, blushing. You grinned picking at your food.

During your meal, you and Francis talked. Matthew continued coloring, piping up every once in a while.

"Thank you Francis."

Standing up, you gathering your stuff. He nodded and Matthew chirped a goodbye.

Once outside you shivered. It had gotten colder.


You turned, eyes wide. Francis ran out of the restaurant, panting.

"Um....Will you come back?"

You blushed the same time as Francis's did. He quickly elaborated.

"I-I mean, Matthew likes you! 'E had a lot of fun today!"

You nodded, your breath coming out in little silvery puffs. Francis grinned, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

"Well zen..... I look forward to seeing you again."

You nodded, your blush increasing.

"Me too."
Requested by :iconalexlovesdrawing: I hope you like it!!!!

I just realiazed, two more CountryxReaders and I will have written 100 of them O_O

I own nothing but the plot!!!
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