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October 18, 2012
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"I'm sorry to have to ask you to do zis." Ludwig, your German friend looked pained. Twenty minutes earlier he had called and asked for some help.

"Its no trouble, really."

Nodding he sighed, "I have to take Feliciano to a meeting and I don't vant to leave Lovino all alone. He might burn down ze house or somezing."

You nodded, highly doubting that the Italian man would actually be that stupid. "He's still asleep. Please vake him up or he'll be up all night partying." Ludwig called over his shoulder as he exited the house.

Still asleep? You looked at your watch. It was 2:45 in the afternoon.

You ran up stairs and peeked into his room.

Lovino was on his stomach, spread eagle, snoring. Looking closer you noticed he was also drooling.

"Lovino?" You leaned over him, "Hey Lovi?"

He flipped onto his back, grumbling.

You didn't get how someone could sleep as much as the Vargas brothers did. Ludwig had once told you that he had to throw buckets of  ice water on Feliciano to wake the Italian. But that wasn't your style (besides you didn't want an irate Lovino yelling at you.)

The walls of his room were covered in posters of Tomatoes, bull fighting and pictures of his home country. Several Italian flags hung from the ceiling. You chuckled. His room was completely different from the stark cleanliness of the rest of the house.

You stared back down at him. How to wake him up...... You noticed the German flag Ludwig   had hanging in the hallway.

It gave you an idea.

-------Lovino's Point of veiw--------

Loud music blared, starling me awake.

That potato eating bastard!

He was blaring the national anthem of Germany.

"Alright-a you potato eating-a bastard!" I lept out of bed, grabbing the first weapon like item I saw. Running out of my room I hurled myself down the stairs.

_____ was standing in the living room, laughing. No Ludwig in sight.

-----Your point of veiw-----

You exploded with laughter as Lovino hurtled down the stairs. He was holding a tomato plushie.

"AAAAAAAAAW. You look so cute Lovi!" You giggled, shutting the stereo off.

He blushed, "S-shut up! That wasn't-a nice." he tossed the plushie onto the couch.

"Sorry buddy. Ludwig didn't want you to stay up all night." He made a face. "That-a guy thinks hes-a so tough. Always-a bossing me around."

"You do live in his house." You pointed out.

He rolled his eyes, "Only because my stupid-a fratello doesn't want to-a live without-a him."

Scratching his head, he loped into the kitchen grumbling curses under his breath. "Why are you-a here any way?"

Shrugging you followed, "He was afraid you'd burn down the house or something."

The Italian man stopped and looked at you. "Really?"

Nodding you sat down at the table.  "Huh." He grunted, "You hungry?"

"Sure." You had forgotten to eat lunch. He smiled "I-a hope you don't-a mind pasta."

"Pasta is fine!" You chirped

You smiled as you watched him cut tomatoes and prepare the pasta. He hummed quietly under his breath in italian.

"Hey Lovi?"

"Don't-a call me that. The toamto bastard always-a did and I-a hated it." He grummbled, swing the knife rather hard at antoher tomato.
"Ok then. Lovino...."

"Si?" He didn't look up.

"You do realize that you're only in a pair of boxers right?"

Lovino slammed down the knife and spun around, blushing. "Wait here." He ran up the stairs.

Giggling you smiled. Too cute.

--------After a Pasta lunch-------

"That was really good Lovi!" You were washing the dishes (Ludwig didn't like it when people left his house messy.)

He grunted, flipping through a magazine.

Drying your hands, you walked over to him, reading over his shoulder.

"I didn't know you were into jewelry Lovi." Grinning you patted his head.

"S-shut up! I'm not-a looking for me." He glared up at you.

"You buying something for Toni?"

His face went red "N-no! Its for-a someone special."

You grinned, "Feliciano? Or are you going to give a pretty necklace to Ludwig with a little note that says, "From your secret admirer."

His face stared to turn purple. "NO!"

"Don't be shy Lovi. You can tell m-"


You blinked. Blush growing deeper, he clapped his hands over his mouth.

"Um.....mind if I ask why?" You leaned further over him, squinting at the magazine.

You didn't realize that your face was just five inches from his.

Reaching up he pulled you into an awkward kiss.

------Ludwig's Point of veiw-------

I opened the door. An hour spent practically babysitting Feliciano at a World meeting was enough for me.

I froze. Lovino and ______ where locked in a kiss.
Both of them looked up and blushed when they saw me.

"I didn't see anyzing." I quickly exited.
:I My first RomanoxReader

Just a little Fluff.......

:iconask-sanmarino: suggested I write a RomanoxReader. Hope its ok!

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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