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December 11, 2012
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Birthday Girl

You stared at the strawberry cake in front of you and sighed. The candles flickered, waiting to be blown out. If you didn't blow them out soon, wax was going to drip onto the strawberry icing.

What was the point of celebrating this day anyway? Woo. One year older. You scowled at the pessimistic thoughts, and turned your attention back to the cake.

What to wish for? In fact, did you really need to wish for something before blowing out the candles?

You tapped a finger against the table top, glaring at the candles.


You decided to make the silliest and most improbable wish.

"I wish, that Romano from Hetalia, was real......or something." You frowned, not really sure how to frame the request.

Shrugging, you leaned forward and blew out the candles.

Nothing happened. Not that you were expecting something to happen.
A part of you hated spending another birthday alone.

-----Time skip-----

You aimlessly twirled a pencil between your fingers, glaring at the sketchpad on your desk. No matter how many times you drew it, the curl still looked wrong. How could drawing something so simple turn out to be this hard?

"That-a has to be the worst-a portrait anyone has-a drawn of me." A accented male voice piped up from behind you.

You spun around, the pencil clattering to the floor.


"No. It's-a the fucking tooth-a fairy." He crossed his arms, scowling. You rolled your eyes.

"So why are you here?"

"Cause-a you wished-a for me." You gave him a blank look.

"That really helps clear things up."

Romano made a face, flopping onto your bed. "Not-a my fault."

Great. Now what? Obviously you had some how brought him here with that wish. He glared at you from the bed, his curl flopping to the side slightly.

You grabbed your pencil off the floor and pulled your sketch pad onto your lap.

"Please-a don't draw me." Romano's scowl deepened, although his eyes were closed.

Twenty minutes later he was fast asleep and you were staring at a rather good sketch of him. Setting the sketchpad down, you drew your knees to your chest.

Geez, he was even better looking in real life. You blushed slightly, biting your bottom lip.

He cracked open one eye and snorted.  "Why are you-a looking at-a me like some kinda weirdo?"

"Sorry." You squeaked, your blush deepening.
He shrugged, rubbing his eyes, his curl bouncing lightly.

"You have-a any food?" Romano sat up, the scowl was gone, replaced by a bored look. His stomach growled as if it was asking the same question.

"Yup." Rolling your eyes, you made your way downstairs, the grumpy Italian following close behind.

-----Time Skip------

You watched silently as your kitchen was slowly demolished by the Italian man. Flour, Tomato sauce, eggs, and other assorted ingredients covered the kitchen from top to bottom.
Romano payed not mind to the mess, happily throwing random ingredients together. You had a feeling that you would be the one cleaning up the mess.

"And I'm-a done!" Romano grinned at you, wiping his hands on a towel.

"With?" You rested your chin in the palm of your hand.

"Your-a Birthday meal." He gave you a soft smile.
You felt your cheeks heat up and your heart speed up.


He rolled his amber eyes, "Did I-a stutter."

"O-Okay then...Why?"  You were sure that your face was as red as a rose.

"Cause of-a your Birthday wish." Romano gave you a sad smile.

"You were-a lonely, so poof! Here I am." He flung his arms wide to emphasize his point.

Something dripped onto your cheek. Reaching up a hand you brushed it away. It was quickly replaced.

Oh no.
You were crying.

"Ah No. Please-a don't cry." Romano paled slightly. "I really don't-a like it when-a women cry."

His brow furrowed. "Geez, ragazza."

You stopped crying when you felt his arms wrap around you, pulling you to his chest.

"Please-a don't cry. It's annoying and doesn't-a suit a bella ragazza like-a you." He pressed his face into your neck.

You went into fangirl shock.

And fainted.

-----Time Skip-----

Something was patting your cheeks.

"----Ey. Hey!" You opened your eyes slowly. Romano's face was inches from yours, his brow scrunched up with worry.

"You okay ragazza?" His amber eyes searched yours.
"Y-yeah. I'm fine." You blushed, realizing that your head was on his lap. He gave you a small smile.

"Let's eat!" You nodded, grinning.

Your Birthday had turned out a lot better than you had though it would.
:> For my wonderful Friend :iconnekootakugirl:

My birthday twin xD I submitted it early 'cause knowing me I'd forget to submit it on the right day >_>

Strawberry cake- Here

Lemon cake- [link]

Chocolate Cake- [link]

Carrot cake- [link]

Cup cakes- [link]

Happy early Birthday I hope you like it!!!

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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