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December 2, 2012
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Colored Voices

Your parents knew that you had wanted to go to Europe. They had known it long before "It" happened and had encouraged you to get a good education. Then get a job and save up.
And you did. You had jobs during the summer, while during the school year you studied like crazy.

But in your last year of high school, six months before graduation, You had gone blind.

There was no accident, no chemical explosion or a bad hit to the head. One morning you had just woken up blind.

The doctors couldn't figure out what had happened. Your parents where devastated.

And your dreams had be crushed.

Six months later, your school had allowed you to graduate with the rest of your class. Mainly because you had had the best grades in the entire school.

But you had lost your will to keep going.

Your parents tried to get you interested in a college for the blind. They tried finding a place that would employ a blind girl.

But it was no use. Your spirit had been crushed by the weight of knowing the one thing you had ever wanted was now out of your reach.

A year had passed, you felt horrible for burdening your parents.

"_____?" You mothers voice came from the right. You blinked, turning your head slightly.

The one thing you appreciated about being blind was how your case was slightly different.
You didn't see pitch black all the time. Every time someone spoke, a color would weave it's way through your mind.

You mothers voice was honey yellow while, your fathers voice was a rich brown.

"Yes?" Your own voice registered no color in your mind, which saddened you sometimes.

"You know how you've always wanted to travel all over Europe?" Her voice sounded tight, like she was worried.

"Yes." You heard her take a deep breath, letting it out slowly.

"Your father and I have been saving up." She paused "We bought tickets to Scotland. We'll be there for three months!"


For three months?

You nodded, knowing that she wanted a response.

"When do we leave?"

"This afternoon. I've already packed your bags."

This Afternoon? Geez, good thing you didn't have any friends to say goodbye to.


----Time skip-----

You sat on the porch of the house your parents were renting. It was chilly, but you didn't feel like going inside. You still hadn't gotten used to the lay out of the house.
But then again, you had only been there for a week. Still you didn't like bumping into things like an idiot.

"Um, Hello? Excuse me?" A bubbly pink thread wove its way through your mind. You tilted your head towards the speaker.


"Are you  _______?" Her English accent seemed slightly out of place in the small town where you heard nothing but thick Scottish accents.

"Yes. Why?" You twisted a stray thread from your dress around your finger.

"HI! I'm Alice Kirkland! Your mother asked me to keep you company!"
You felt annoyed that you mother though you needed company.

"I'm _______     _______." You held out a hand in her direction. She shook it chattering happily.

"I'm so glad that there's finally another girl my age here!" You felt her plunk down beside you.

"I mean, my brothers aren't that bad. But what kind of girl wants to hang around loud smelly guys all the time?" She paused for a breath, then continued.

"Well their not smelly, but you know what I mean!"

You nodded, not quite sure what to think of her.

"So are you really blind?" The bubbly pink of her voice brightened with curiosity.

"Yup." You smoothed the skirt of the cotton dress.

"That's sad." Alice trailed off

"I bet my twin Arthur would love to meet you!"

You smiled slightly, You had never met twins before and wondered if their voices would be the same color.

"Let's go meet him!!!" Alice grabbed your hand, pulling of the porch and down the road.

Five minutes later you heard a stream of voices. Alice was talking to several people.

"______, These are my Brothers!" You felt her hand tighten around yours.

"Arthur, Dylan, Seamus and where's Allistor?"

"He's out gallivanting around." A deep blue colored voice answered in an irritated tone.

"Don't be mean Arthur." Alice sounded slightly embarrassed.

Hmmm. So twins had different colors. Interesting.

A different voice piped up, bright orange. "He's at tha' job o' his."

"Let's go play hide and seek!" Alice sqeaked, "Just until he gets back."

Her brothers mumbled protests. Orange, blue and lilac weaving together in your mind.

You wondered briefly if Alice had forgotten you were blind.

Apparently not.

She dragged you along behind her giggling madly. "I didn't tell them you were blind! We can have a little fun that way!"

You didn't see how that was possible. No pun intended.

For a while she dragged you around, finding new hiding places. You had a feeling that each one was getting farther and farther from the town.

"Oops." Alice giggled "We kinda stumbled into the forest."

You didn't mind. The forest smelled good, wet leaves and warm earth.

"I'm going to see if the others are still playing."

You nodded, turning in a gentle circle. She ran off, the sound of her shoes slowly fading away.

Holding your arms out in front of you, you walked forward slowly, trying to avoid trees.

A few minutes later, you shin hit something.
A low stone wall.


If you walked along it, you would find your way back eventually. A dangerous idea for a blind girl all alone.

Climbing onto the wall, you began walking along it shakily. The stones were rough under your shoes.

---Time skip----

You had no idea how long you had been walking along the wall. Maybe you should turn back.
Not that you wanted to. This was peaceful.


A loud voice startled you, making you stumble slightly. You paused, trying to listen for movement.

"Are ye' daft?! Yer gunna kill yerself!"

You turned towards the voice.

It was strange. Not the sound of his voice, but the color it sent through your mind. Or rather colors.

Everyone you had ever met had only one color to their voice, he had two.

A rich velvet green and a fiery red. The musty smell of smoke soaked clothing met your nostrils.

"I'm ok." You felt the missing color of your voice even more after "seeing" his.

"Are ye' _____?" His gruff voice sounded worried, "Alice's friend?"


You shrieked as a calloused hand grabbed your shin. The long fingers felt cool against your skin.

"What're ya' screamin' aboot?" He sounded annoyed.

"I didn't hear you coming so close."

"Hear?" He sounded confused.

"I'm blind." you felt his grip on your leg tighten slightly.

"Yer blind and walkin' on top a bloody wall."


"Yer bonkers." He wasn't saying it in a cruel manner, you could hear the smile in his voice.


Strong arms wrapped around your waist, lifting you off the wall.
You blushed, ducking your head so he couldn't see.


A hand wrapped around yours, holding it tightly. Your blush deepened.

"Let's get ye' home."
:D Yay, my first true ScotlandxReader xD Up till now he's only had cameo's in some of my other stories.


Next part- [link]

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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