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December 28, 2012
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Colored Voices.


When you woke up, you felt the skirt of your nightgown crinkle with a layer of thin frost. It was still chilly out.

You had actually managed to fall asleep on the roof.  You never failed to amaze yourself.
Allistor mumbled something, his head leaning against yours.

"Wake up." You reached out and poked him.

"WHOA LASSIE!" You felt his head shoot off your shoulder. You flinched slightly, eyes wide with surprise. His sleepy colors had gone bright with alarm, and something else.

"I know yer blind an' all, so please dinne'a poke me if ye' don't know where yer finger is goin'."

You blushed, realizing what he meant.  Oops

"Oh geez, sorry."

"It's fine."

He went silent, the colors of his voice slowly fading out of your mind.  


"Are you wearing a skirt?"

Allistor snorted,  "Nae, Ah'm not. It's a Kilt." His colors turned slightly annoyed.



Silence fell, but you didn't mind, it was nice. Allistor sifted slightly, you heard a match light and then the smell of cigarette smoke drifted towards you.

Wrinkling your nose, you shakily stood up.

Was it three steps of five steps back to your window?

A familiar hand wrapped around your ankle.  

"Are ye' hellbent on killin' yer self?"  You heard Allistor stand up, muttering a low curse when he slipped slightly. His hands went onto your waist, holding you in place.

"I'll get ye' off the roof and ye' can go in through the front door."

"No! My mother will kill me!! Besides, what time is it?"

"Still dark out."

So it had to be at least and hour or so before dawn.  You gently pried his fingers off, and walked the three steps to your window.

"See? I'm fine. I can go in side and you can go back home." You fumbled with the window for a second, then opened it slowly.

He sighed, his colors dulling slightly. You felt bad, seeing as he had been worried enough to sleep on the roof with you.

"Maybe we can spend so more time together?" It came out more a question then a suggestion.

"Tha' would be nice."

You crawled through the window and landed lightly on the bed. Reaching out to close the window, you felt Allistors hand gently grab your wrist.

"Ah've been thinkin'. Maybe yer color is black."

"What?" You blinked, surprised, not sure what to make of the statement.

"My voice is Red an' green, right? Ye' said ye' can'na' see yers, so maybe it's black?"
Black? You had never thought about it that way, just assumed you didn't have one.

"Thank you Allistor." You reached up and patted his cheek, then leaned in and gave it a quick kiss. As you pulled away, you could feel the heat radiating off his cheek.

"S-see ye' tomorrow."

------Time skip------

A week had passed, and Allistor hadn't come like he promised.


The bubbly pink of Alice's voice popped into your mind. You tilted your head in her direction and smiled.

"Hi Alice! How's Arthur?"

"Being grumpy as usual."  You laughed as she sat down next to you. You paused before asking the next question.

"How's Allistor?"

You felt Alice stiffen next to you,  "You mean he hasn't come and told you?"
You sat up straight in alarm,  "Is he okay?"

"He's no hurt, just....."  She sounded sad.

"What happened?"

Alice sighed, "He confessed feelings towards one of the girls from the village." Pausing you felt her looking at you. Your heart had sunken slightly, but you didn't let it show.

"She rejected him. In front of the entire village. He's been out in the pastures for a week."

"Take me to him."

"What?" She sounded astonished.   "Why?"
You couldn't think of an answer for this. You just knew you had to go talk to him.

"Okay. If that's really what you want to do  _______."

Alice grabbed your hand and pulled you along behind her. Soon you felt the familiar crunch of pine needles beneath your feet.

"Just follow this stone wall, you'll cross paths with him sooner or later." Alice dropped your hand, her footsteps slowly backing away.

"Aren't you coming?"

"No, I don't want to see him."

You waited until you couldn't hear her footsteps anymore, then turned and climbed onto the low wall.

----Time skip----

You had no idea how long you had been walking. Your throat felt parched and your stomach was rumbling with hunger.

"ALLISTOR!!!!" You yelled his name as loudly as possible.


"Go away." You stumbled, falling to your knees on the wall, letting out a little yelp of pain.

"Allistor?" His colors had gone murky and flat, completely lifeless.

"Aye. Now go home lass."

You reached out with a hand and waved it around until your hand hit a mop of hair.

"Watch were ye' wave tha'."
You felt a sharp slap on your hand and pulled back, astonished. He had slapped you.

"Allistor?" Your voice shook slightly.

"Piss off." his tone was cold and uncaring.

You pursed your lips.
"Just because some stupid bimbo trod on your heart, doesn't mean you get a free pass to be nasty to everyone."

You heard him shift, most likely looking up at you.

"What do ye' know aboot broken hearts? Yer just a silly little lass."
The words cut deep, but you refused to leave, that's all he was trying to get you to do.

"Yes I do."
You hand't though about him for ages now. The asshole who had broken your heart.

"At first, when I had gone blind, everyone was sympathetic and caring and all that shit."

He grunted  "Let me guess. Yer boyfriend broke up with ye' after a while 'cause ye're blind."

"Yes." Geez, it was like he read your mind.

"Completely different kinda heart break. A'least he dinna'e humiliate you in front a bunch of people."

"He did."

Allistor went silent, then snorted, "Yea' we're jist to birds of a feather."

You rolled your eyes, dangling your feet of the edge of the low wall. Grass tickled the bottom of your feet. You sighed, titling you head in Allistor's direction.

A low hiccupy coughing came from him. Sliding off the wall, you wrapped your arms around his shoulders. He pressed his face against the crook of your neck. Warm salty tears dripped onto your shoulder and slid down the neck of your shirt.

You sat like that for a good ten minutes, while Allistor quietly cried on your shoulder.

----Time skip----

-Four years later-

"Wake up lass."

You sighed sleepily, nuzzling closer to the warmth at your side.

"Lassie." The owner of the voice was now shaking you lightly. You frowned, pressing your face into the pillows.

He sighed, clearly giving up. You smiled sleepily into the pillows.

You shrieked as a pair of strong, calloused hands grabbed you around the waist and pulled you out of bed.


"Nae. Ye' gotta get up. It's nearly noon."

"You know I really have no sense of time." You wrapped your arms around your husband's neck, nuzzling your face in his hair.

"Aye, but that's really no excuse."
You smiled.

"I've been thinking Allistor."

"Hrm? What aboot?"

"About voice colors." You leaned your head against his,  "Maybe you have two, 'cause one is mine."

Allistor laughed, the sound reverberating in his chest.  "Tha's a good explanation lass. I like it."
FINALLY!!! I can submit :D

Previous- [link]

O_O This is my 60th CountryxReader

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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