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December 3, 2012
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Colored Voices.
Part 2

Allistor lead you back to the Kirkland home. His long, calloused fingers wrapped comfortably around yours.

"Yer really crazy. Do ye have any idea how late it is?" The velvety green and red twisted around in your mind.

"I can't exactly see the change in light." You smirked, as his hand tightened in embarrassment.

"Right, sorry."

"It's okay."

You felt the terrain change. You must have entered the forest.

"What do you look like?" You were curious to know what the owner of the two colored voice looked like.

He was silent, searching for an answer.

"Ah got red hair and green eyes." He paused, you swore you felt his eyes on the side of your head. You smiled inside, so he looked like his voice.

"Um Red is like fire. It's---" You tilted your head towards him, motioning with a hand.

"I know what colors look like. I wasn't always blind."

"Oh." An awkward silence fell. Well awkward for him, you were used to people assuming you had always been blind.

He stopped walking, moving you in front of him.

"What was that for?" You assumed it was some sort of obstacle.


You were starting to fall in love with his voice, as weird as that sounds.

"Why're ye' smiling?"

"Nothing." You stopped smiling, although the corners of your mouth kept twitching.

"Nothin' my arse. What's so funny?"

"The way you described yourself........" You felt his hand tighten in annoyance.

"Wot? Ye' find red hair funny?" You shook your head smiling.

"No, you look like your voice."

"I look like me voice." His tone was skeptical and slightly wary.

"So tha' makes me voice Red and green?"

"Yup. You're the first person I've ever met with two colors."

-----Scotland's point of view------

I didn't know what to say. Peoples voices had colors?
Did she have some form of Synesthesia? It seemed possible.

Her eyes were a vivid (e/c), while her hair framed her face in (h/c) waves. I blushed,  glad she couldn't see.

"Are you blushing?" She tilted her head in that cute way of hers. My blush deepened.

"N-nae, I'm not."

"Yes you are." A wicked grin spread across her face.

"Nae I'm not!"

"Your colors changed, you are totally blushing." Her small fingers tightened around mine.
I cleared my throat, trying to think of a way to change the subject.

"What's yer color?"
Her shoulders hunched and a sad look settled on her features.

"I don't have one."

I blinked, okay probably not the best topic changer.

"Uhhhh." I licked my lips trying to think of something to say.

"Why did ye' come Scotland?" She shrugged, a light breeze ruffling the hem of her dress.

"I wanted to travel all over Europe before. But when I became blind I kinda gave up on that ever happening." She pursed her lips.

"So my parents got us tickets to Scotland." She shrugged, the cutest look over  perplextion on her face.

"I have no idea why they picked Scotland."

I just stared, stumbling over a tree root.

------Reader's point of view-----

You felt him stumble slightly. He probably wasn't paying attention. Was he looking at you?
Oh geez. You blushed.

"Alright. Urm, Alice will take ye' home now." You felt a slight pang in your heart as he let go of your hand.

"OMG!!! _______! I'm so sorry for leaving you in the woods!! I just forgot!!" A familiar bubbly pink bounced around your mind.

"It's okay Alice." You didn't mind at all, Meeting Allistor had been worth it (Besides you had wandered off without telling her, so it really wasn't her fault)

Her hand grabbed your wrist, dragging you along, as she babbled on
"You're so lucky Allistor found you! Well maybe not, he probably gave you the cold-shoulder the entire time. He doesn't really like strangers."

"He was quite friendly"
Alice paused, "Really? Wow, He must have taken a liking to you!" You felt your cheeks heat up.


----Time skip----

Twelve days had passed since you had first met Allistor.

Alice came over every day and the two of you explored the town. Every once in a while, Arthur would join you.

As fun as it was running around with the twins, you were starting to miss Allistor. Even though you had only known him for a little while.

"What's Allistor up to?" You asked in what you hoped was a casual tone.

"I dunno." Alice could be extremely air-headed at times.

"Probably off getting drunk." Arthur growled.

You smiled, "He's not that bad."

Both twins snorted.

"What? When I talked to him he seemed really nice!" You frowned at how dark Arthur and Alice's colors had gone.

"Not all the time. He's just like Dad." Arthur spat, his hand tightening in yours. On your other side Alice was doing the same.

You felt bad for bringing up the subject.


"Not your fault." Alice chirped.

-----Time skip----
You had become accustom to the lay out of the house. You had also become accustom to climbing out your window to sit on the roof.

It was an old habit of yours.

You leaned against the side of the house, breathing in the fresh air. It was cold out, but you cold deal with it.

"Are ye' set on puttin' yerself in dangerous situations?" A familiar voice sounded from below. You squeaked, sitting up straight.

"Allistor? Is that you?" His voice sounded slightly funny and his colors had gone faint.

You tilted your head as he scrambled up the side of the house, sitting next to you.

"Ye' seem ta like dangerous situations." He grumbled.

"This isn't dangerous."

"Aye it is! Yer two stories off the ground."

"It's not that high." You muttered, concentrating on the colors of his voice.

"Fine. Ye'd just get sick from the cold."

"I'm fine."

You stiffened in surprise when he flung a arm around your shoulders, drawing you closer to him. You relaxed, leaning your head against his shoulder.

"Silly lass." His breath tickled your ear.

"Not a silly as a Drunk Scotsman on a roof." You could smell the alcohol on his breath. No wonder his colors looked weird.

"I'm not tha' jaiked up." His head flopped against yours as he let out a long sigh.

"Are you even the legal drinking age?"

So he was eighteen or at least some were around that age.


"Hrm..." He nuzzled his face against the top of your head.

"You can't stay here. I won't be able to explain to my mother why there's a passed out guy on the roof."

"But ah'm comfy." His grip tightened.

You had a feeling that you were going to be frozen to the roof by morning.
This chapter is a bit shorter than i'd like it to be.....oh well :3
I hope you guys like it!

Part one- [link]


Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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