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April 7, 2013
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You had always had crappy luck when it came to betting and contests. And yet when ever the chance arouse, you seemed to feel the need to place a bet. However this time would be the last time you ever took a bet. At least against Allistor Kirkland.

You glared at the redheaded man as he smirked at you. One of his hands was in his jeans pocket and the other was holding a clothing hanger. On the said hanger was a maid costume.
The type of maid costume people might wear to Halloween parties.

"I really hate you right now."

His smirk grew, showing his pearly white teeth. You snatched the dress away from him and glared.

"I don't even see how I lost." You snapped, stomping towards the nearest bathroom. Allistor laughed, both hands in his pockets now.

"Told ye he would topple."

You had stupidly agreed to bet against the Scottish man man while watching his younger brother, Seamus attempt to win a drinking match. Allistor had bet on the other man, smirking when you voted for his brother.

You had foolishly agreed that if you lost, you'd do everything he ordered for the rest of the day. If you had won, he'd have to do the same. Of course you had lost.
And now you were stuck. This day would be filed under, "Most embarrassing day of my life."

Stepping out of the bathroom, you tugged the skirt down, a furious blush spreading across your face. Allistor smirked, eyebrows raised. You gave him the finger, then crossed your arms.

"Right." He clapped his hands, the smirk growing. "Now tha' yer properly dressed." He broke off when he saw your face. You were smirking, mainly because you had figured out the perfect way to get out of this little predicament. It was in the form of two people.

"Can we make another bet?"

He nodded, green eyes narrowing with suspicion. You smirked, knowing that you would win. If you were really lucky, not only would you shock the Scotsman, but really and truly make him sorry for making you dress like this.

"If I win, your bet is no longer valid and YOU have to do everything I say for a week."
Allistor nodded, smirking. "An' if I win, Ye' do everything I say for a month."


You paused and waited while watched, one shaggy red eyebrow raised. He finally spoke up, crossing his arms.

"So what are we bettin' on?"

"I bet you that." You paused, knowing that Arthur would kill you when you spilled his secret. Allistor nodded, his jaw clenching slightly.

"Arthur is dating  Francis."

Allistor began choking and snorting. It sounded like laughter, but he also could have been choking on his spit. You waited until he clamped down, face bright red.

"Tha'...Tha's not possible. Artie hates the man."

You pointed out the window behind him. Allistor turned, moving the curtain out of the way.

You snuck up behind him, trying not to laugh. The red head's jaw had fallen open, green eyes wide. You glanced out the window at the scene you had noticed earlier.
Arthur and Francis were locked in a fierce embrace, lips heatedly moving against each other.

You snorted at Allistor's reacting. Typical and totally expected. What wasn't expected was Allistor flinging the window open and shouting out the window.


He slammed the window shut and turned to you, face red. "Tha' was a mean trick  _____. Artie should'a told me himself."

"Yeah." You felt guilty about using that to get back at Allistor. He nodded, face serious.

Turning, he walked towards the parlor. You frowned, confused.

"What are you doing?"

"Gettin' drunk. I wanna forget wha' I jist saw."

You sat reading a magazine, lips pursed. Your ears were still ringing from all the yelling Arthur had directed at you. Luckily Francis had managed to calm him down, stating that you merely made it easier to tell Arthur's other brothers.

You didn't think so. If they acted anything like Allistor, quite a few drunken men would be passed out about the house.

"Um Lassie."

You looked up, eyebrows raised. Allistor stood in front of you, looking uncomfortable.

"Ye' won the bet so.... When does it start?"

You tossed the magazine aside and smirked.  "Well I might wait until next month, or next year."

He paled, his red hair standing out against his skin. His jaw clenched and he licked his lips.

"Yer not going ta hold this above my head fer the rest of my life?"


"Then when?" He almost whined the sentence plaintively.

"Right, no cigarettes for a week."

"WHAT?!" He snarled, eyes wide.  "Don't be cruel lassie!"

You smiled and bit your bottom lip.  "You might get the privilege back if you behave well."

He blushed and you could imagine what he was thinking. Nodding he dug in his pocket, then slapped a carton of cigarettes onto the coffee table next to you. Turning, he shuffled towards the door.



"Go put a kilt on."


"And nothing else."

His face turned as red as his hair. Growling, he stomped out of the room, cursing. You smirked, this was going to be a fun week.
xD I have no idea where the idea for this one came from

I own nothing but the plot
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