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December 19, 2012
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Pocket watch.
These are the human names I'm using for the Kirkland Brothers   :3

Wales- Dylan
Ireland- Seamus
North Ireland- Sean
Australia- Jett
Scotland- Allistor
England- Arthur

"Can I get this mummy?!" Your six year old son held up the package of sweets excitedly.
You held back a tired sigh.  "Of course honey."

Colin squealed with delight, tossing the package into your shopping cart. You allowed your self a small smile.

He alternating between sitting in the cart and walking next to you during the shopping trip. After wards, you walked home. One hand holding a grocery bag, the other clasped around your son's small hand.


"Hmm?" You glanced down at him. Colin's bright red hair shone in the afternoon light.

"Why do you look sad?"

You blinked, unconsciously reaching up with a hand and touched your cheek.

"I'm not sad....Just tired."
It was a half truth and half lie.  

A patch of bright red passed you in a crowd of milling people. Your heart lept into your throat. Turning your head, however, you could see it was just a scarf. Not at all what you had hoped it was.

---Time skip---

You had finished washing the dinner dishes. Walking into the living room you smiled at the sight of your son fast asleep on the floor.

His fiery hair flopped in front of his face much like his fathers. You stopped that thought before it could progress.

"Come on Colin. It's not good for you to sleep on the floor."

He mumbled a protest, but did as you said.

After Colin was tucked into bed, you went into your room.

During the day it was easy to suppress memories. But at night, while you were staring at the ceiling, waiting for sleep, they flooded your head.

"Lassie, wake up." You pulled the pillow over your head, trying to fall back asleep. Your boyfriend's calloused fingers slipped under your shirt.

Shrieking like a tea kettle, you shot out of bed.

"Jesus Christ Allistor! Did you stick your hands in a bucket of ice?!"  Rubbing your side, you watched as the Scotsman cracked up.

"Yer so fun to wake up  _____." He leaned forward, his cat like green eyes glittering.

"Ha ha." You couldn't help grinning.

"So lassie." Allistor wrapped his arms around your waist  "Are ye' gunna make me breakfast?"

"All you think about is your stomach." Pretending to pout, you rested your head on his shoulder.

You turned your head in surprise, Colin was standing next to your bed, holding his favorite sheep plushie.

"I had a bad dream."

Scooting over, you pulled him onto the bed. He curled into a little ball, his face in the fleece side of the sheep.

"What was it about honey?" Gently you finger-combed his hair.

"You left 'cause you didn't want me like daddy didn't want me."

You froze. You had never really talked to Colin about his father, only ever saying he was gone and you didn't think he would come back.

"Who told you that?"

"Uncle Arthur."

You scowled slightly, The man didn't know when to shut his mouth.

After Allistor had left, the other Kirkland brothers had rallied around you, all of them promising to help raise Colin. You were grateful for their support.

"Sometimes you shouldn't listen to everything Uncle Arthur has to say."

Colin nodded, already half asleep.

---Time skip---

"Uncle Jett!!"

"Crikey you've gotten big Colin!!"

You walked from the kitchen into the living room, wiping your hands on your apron. Colin had his arms wrapped around Jett's legs, grinning up at him.

Behind the tall Australian stood Arthur, Dylan and the twins, Seamus and Sean.

"How are you love?" Arthur walked over to you, holding out a box of your favorite tea.

"Good. Thank you." You grabbed his sleeve, pulling him closer.

"Colin told me that you told him why Allistor is gone." You hissed.

The Britishman paled visibly.

"He kept asking love and then he made his eyes go all big and teary and I couldn't keep refusing."  Arthur gave you a pleading look.

You rolled your eyes. "Really? A six-year old made a twenty-year old crack?"

"He must'a learned it from his mum." Large arms engulfed you from behind. You let out a shriek as Seamus lifted you into a giant bear-hug.

"Either that or Artie can't handle children." Jett picked Colin up, the little boy laughed excitedly.

The Brit began sputtering protest, while Sean laughed uproariously. Dylan shook his head, smirking.

Seamus set you down, "Why don't we have tea?"

You raised an eyebrow at the tall Irishman. He jerked his head toward the kitchen,grabbing the box of tea from you hands.

Following him, you pursed your lips.

"What's the matter Seamus?"
He ran a hand through his slightly wavy orange locks.

"Ta' other dinna' want me ta' tell ya'."

"Tell me what?" You placed your hands on your hips, arching a brow inquisitively.

"Allistor is back in town."
You felt your heart leap into your throat.

"What?" Your legs were shaking, as if they were going to give out. You grabbed the edge of the counter to steady yourself.
Seamus grimaced, a hint of panic creeping into his blue-green eyes.

"Dinna' worry, we'll keep him away from Colin and ya'."
You nodded, grabbing the kettle and filling it with water.  

"You guys really don't have to." Your hands shook as you placed it on the burner.

"We want to." Seamus leaned against the counter, his arms crossed. Sean popped his head in to the kitchen.

"Ya' told her?" His hair was lighter than his twins, more of a strawberry blonde than orange. He also didn't have as many freckles as his brother.

Seamus nodded, "No point in hidin' ta' fact."

Sean shrugged, "Just don't tell Artie."

---Time skip---

The brother laughed and joked with Colin. Your son always enjoyed the visits from his uncles.

"So I got this croc by it's jaws an' this bloody whacka comes up an' asks for a picture."
Jett grinned animatedly pretending to have a crocodile by it's jaws. Colin leaned forward eagerly, his little legs dangling over the edge of the couch.

The doorbell rang, you stood up only to have Seamus grab your arm.

"I'll get it."

Dylan raised an eyebrow, his shaggy brown hair, falling into his eyes. Sean shook his head, signaling for his brother not to ask.

Seamus opened the door, his form completely hiding whoever it was from sight.

Well almost.

Seamus might be tall, but he was a few inches shorter than than the owner of the bright red hair.

Jett's smiled slipped off his face, while Dylan reached out and squeezed your hand. Arthur and Sean stood in front of Colin, blocking his view of the door.

Seamus hissed something, standing like a rock in the doorway. The red hair ducked, the owner most likely had lowered his head.

Seamus slammed the door, stared at it for a moment, then turned around a forced smile on his lips.

"Just a college kid lookin' fer directions."
You nodded, a silent thanks in your eyes.

"It was daddy, wasn't it?" Colin clutched his sheep plushie, his little fingers digging into it's sides.

"Um, of course not!" Arthur paled, attempting to smile.

"You guys always try to hide stuff about him." Colin looked up at you, his green eyes blazing with defiance.

"Uncle Arthur calls him that good for nothing Scottish Bastard."

You glared at the Brit for using such language in front of your child. Arthur rubbed his neck, grinning sheepishly.

"Is Daddy really that bad?"

Jett glanced at you, then to Colin. "Your Daddy left your Mum when she needed him most."

 Flash Back
"Allistor? Allistor, I'm home!"
You kicked off your shoes, holding the paper grocery bag in your arms. Walking into the kitchen you froze.
On the table was a small pocket watch. It was Allistor's, the one he wore on his neck and never took off.


Dropping the groceries, you picked up the pocket watch. A note was lying beneath it.
Clutching the watch to your chest with one hand, you picked it up with the other.

At first I though I would be able to deal with a child. But Now I don't think I can.
I'm sorry'

"What?" You whimpered, dropping the note like it was radioactive.
How could he leave? You were only three months pregnant and he choose now of all times?

You still had the pocket watch. It was small enough for you to wear it around your neck.

"Well, we have to go."
Arthur stood up, ruffling Colin's hair.

"You two have a good day."

After hugging everyone good bye, you shut the door. Colin looked up at you.

"Do you still love Daddy?"

You looked at the ground.

"I don't know honey."

---Time skip---

The doorbell rang.
You looked up from your book. It was late, Colin had already gone to bed. Had one of the brothers come back?

Opening the door you paled.

Allistor stood in the doorway, his hair as red as ever.

"Hello Lass."

You stared, your hands shaking.

"Ah, um." He looked at you nervously, His green eyes dark with something.

"What do you want?" Your voice was barely a whisper.
Allistor's shoulders slumped

"It's too late for me to apologize, isn't it?"
You didn't answer, your emotions in a heated battle inside you.


You turned around, Colin stood behind you, his sheep plush held in his hands.
Allistor looked shocked, his eyes wide.

Allistor was staring at you with wide eyes.

"Are ye' sure?"

"Positive." You wrapped your arms around your torso, staring at the floor.

"Tha's great!!!"

His face lit up. Grabbing you around the waist, he twirled you around.

"Tha's great Lassie!!"

"Is he my son?" Allistor's voice cracked. Colin stared up at him, an unreadable look on his face.

"Stupid butt head!!" Colin lashed out with his feet, kicking the tall man in his shins.
"Why did you leave mummy!!!" Tears were streaming down your sons face.
You picked him up, holding him close.

"It's okay Colin."

The little boy wrapped his arms around your neck, sobbing in your ear. Allistor stepped forward, wrapping his arms around your waist.

"I'm sorry Lass. So sorry."
Another Scotland xD I should really be working on my Nekotalia series...

Part two- [link]

I got the idea to make Ireland and Northern Ireland twins from :iconshihagami:
Hope you don't mind!

The picture is of my little pocket watch xD (Sadly not left for me by a sexy Scotsman)

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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