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Part two

These are the human names I'm using for the Kirkland Brothers   :3

Wales- Dylan
Ireland- Seamus
North Ireland- Sean
Australia- Jett
Scotland- Allistor
England- Arthur

You stared across the table at Allistor. He glanced at you, then looked down, shame in his eyes.

Colin had finally gone back to sleep. It disheartened you to see how much hate and contempt he felt for his father.


He flinched like he had been shocked.

"Why did you come back? You know your brothers are trying to keep you away."

He nodded, avoiding your eyes. You sighed, hunching your shoulders.
How awkward could this get?

"I know I already said it, bu' I'm sorry."

"I know."

"An' I know tha' you an' Colin have every right ta' hate me."

"I don't."

"Colin does."

You crossed your arms, avoiding his eyes. "He'll get over it."

Or he might not, but you didn't think now was the time to mention it.
He nodded to the chain around your neck,  "Ye' kept the watch."

"Yes." You fingered it, the little watch ticking quietly.
Little footsteps tramped down the stairs and Colin shuffled into the kitchen. His fluffy sheep plush clutched in his arms. Ignoring his father, he crawled onto your lap.

Allistor smiled at him, nodding to the plushie.

"Ye' like sheep?"

Colin gave Allistor an 'Do you really have the right to talk to me' look, his grip on the sheep tightening.
Nuzzling his face into your neck, he glared at a spot that was a foot above Allistor's head.

"Can Uncle Jett come over?"

"Sure. I'l call him in the morning." You absentmindedly patted his hair.

"It is the morning Mummy."

"When the sun is up Colin."

Allistor watched this exchange, a slight smile perched on his lips. Then he frowned.

"Even Jett came up?"

"Yup, all of your brothers life within a mile radius of me."

The redheads thick eyebrows arched. "What are ye'? A mafia boss? Are all me brothers like your guards?"

"I guess." You shrugged, not wanting to explain about how they had all sworn to help you. Colin continued glaring, his little fists clenched.

"They love Mummy, unlike YOU."

Then he jumped off your lap and ran over to the phone. Before you could stop him, he had picked it up and punched speed dial.
You watched, slightly shocked as your son spoke with his Uncle.

"Hi Uncle Jett. Yeah it's Colin."

A pause, your son shot his father a venomous look. Allistor looked down, his broad shoulders slumping.

"Can you come over? Yes I know it's only four in the morning."
This time Colin glanced at you and smiled. You smiled back, feeling slightly sick.

"Why? The no good Scottish Bastard came back."

You winced. Ouch, he had chosen to use Arthur's name for Allistor. You were really going to have to talk to the Brit about proper language usage around your son.
Allistor looked sick, his already pale face even paler. He flinched when Colin threw the phone down and grinned rather evilly.

Oh dear. It seemed like Colin had really been spending to a bit to much time with Arthur.

Five minutes later, you heard not one, but four cars screech to a halt outside your house.
Oh boy, here they come.

You winced as the door was kicked in and five extremely pissed (and slightly panicked) men rushed in.

Colin clapped wildly as they entered the kitchen (Arthur breathing like an old woman).

Dylan hurried over to you, looking up and down as if he expected to see blood. The twins, however grabbed their older brothers collar, throwing him against the wall. Jett stood behind them, glaring, a toothpick bobbing up and down on his lower lip.  And Arthur stood in the corner, still breathing heavily.

"Guys calm down. Allistor didn't do anything, he came back like a decent person." You set Colin on the ground, walking over to the motionless redhead and helping him up.

"Oh Aye. Jist like he left like a decent man!" Seamus growled, his smaller twin holding him back.

Arthur had gotten his breathing under control and was now glaring at his older brother.

Allistor looked at the ground, his hand slipping out of yours.
Colin scrambled up Jett's leg like a khola, clinging to his Uncle.

"Yer right. Maybe I should jist leave." He ran a shaky hand through his hair. "Me brothers dinn'a want me, an' my own son hates me."

You felt your heart sink. He was going to leave, taking your heart with him.


Dylan looked at you. He could see how much you were hurting, much more than him or his brothers.

"It's late guys." He patted Allistor's shoulders, "Let's just all go back to bed, and then come morning sit down and talk like civilized people."
The other brothers agreed grudgingly, glaring at their brother.

"Alright love, we'll leave you and Colin. Allistor will stay with us."
The brothers left, Allistor shooting an apologetic look over his shoulder.

"I hope he never comes back." It was sad to see how bitter your son had become. The little happy boy seemed all gone.

"Don't be like that."

"Like what?" He looked up, clear fear of disappointing his mother etched across his face.

"Bitter towards your father. Try to get to know him first, then make your decision."

Colin nodded, hugging his sheep to him.  "Alright, I guess I can do that."
You patted his head, smiling slightly.

"Then let's go back to bed. It's going to be a really long day."

A hint of the child came back as Colin smiled up at you, nuzzling his face into the worm white material of his sheep plushie.

----Time skip----

Everyone was seated around the kitchen table. Mugs of tea at untouched. Colin was sitting on Jett's lap, his fingers clutching  the front of his favorite Uncle's shirt.  His sheep plushie sat on his lap.

You were sitting next Allistor, looking around at the brothers. They were all glaring at Allistor. You noticed that dried blood was splattered on his collar and you noticed that
Allistors nose was bright red.

They had been fighting.

"Right, I'll start this off." Arthur cleared his throat, glaring across the table.

"Why did you come back Allistor?"

"Ta' apologize."


" 'Cause I'm an arse."

Arthur seemed to like that answer, leaning back he nodded. You watched silently, not exactly sure what to do.
Colin looked at his father, then at you. Dylan noticed and smiled reassuringly at Colin.

"Do you want to say something Colin?"

The little red haired boy nodded, clutching his sheep plushie closer.
Everyone stared at him, waiting patently.

"Um.....Why did you leave mummy?"

You half expected to hear a loud crack as everyone turned around quickly to look at Allistor. The Scotsman blushed and looked at his teacup.

"I guess I was scared." He sighed and looked directly at Colin.

"I was scared tha' I was goin' ta' be a bad father."
Your eyebrows raised.

"Really Allistor?"
The red-head looked at you questioningly.

"All parents are like that with their first child."

"Aye, But I-."
You cut him off with a wave of your hand.

"Did you ever stop to think how scared I was?"

He shook his head guilty, green eyes cast down in shame. The other Kirkland brothers looked surprised.

"Ye' were scared? How come ya' never told us?" Seamus looked at you worriedly, his orange eyebrow crinkled.

"You guys already had enough on your plates. Besides, it was something I had to deal with alone."
"I'm sorry lass." Allistor reached out, his large calloused hand squeezing yours gently.
You nodded silently.

Colin slipped off his Uncle's lap, scrambling over to you. He looked at Allistor for a moment, then tentatively hugged the man.

Allistor stiffened, his green eye wide. Then hesitantly, he wrapped his arms around his son. You noticed that tears were slipping silently down his cheeks.

"Maybe. Maybe we can be a proper family now."

The dam that had held your tears back for seven years burst and you began to cry, wrapping your arms around Allistor and Colin.

The other Kirklands looked on in silence. Seamus sighed his shoulders slumping.

"So I can't beat him ta' pulp now."

Dylan rolled his eyes, Arthur shrugged,  "Oh I don't know, he'll probably piss you off in the next ten minutes."

"Not as much as you piss me off sometimes."

Sean sighed as his larger twin began fighting with their English brother. There always had to be someone fighting in the family.

Jett also looked slightly down cast.  "I thought I would get a chance with the sheila."

Allistor looked up at that, his furry red brows furrowed.  "I knew tha' there was somethin' suspicious aboot ye' coming up!"

"What? She was free game!"

You watched as Colin lunged for Jett. The tall Australian looking panicked. Your son swung his fist wildly, actually managing to get in a few good punches.


"Punch him in the bullocks laddie!!!"


"What? I'm Jist being a supportive dad!"

You laughed, slapping his shoulder. Allistor grinned, his cat like green eyes shining.
Part one of this- [link]

lol I don't even know >_>
Hope you guys like it!!

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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Lol when my little boy called his uncles and his little evil face awwwww and the ending too omg my little boy is just like me☺️😍
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Ostara-Frost Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013  Student Writer
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"Punch him in the bullocks laddie!!!"


"What? I'm Jist being a supportive dad!"

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