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March 28, 2013
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Why is it always me?


Your parents weren't the most responsible adults in the world. They didn't at like adults at all. If anything, you were the adult and they were the over grown teenagers. Which is why you jumped at the chance to move out. Who could blame you? It was your first year of college. You wanted a new and more responsible life.

So you said yes, you didn't mind sharing a small house with his boss's son. And yes, it didn't matter that it was a half hour walk to the college. And yes, it was really no trouble to find a job, because your parents had decided that it was time for you to grow independent.

You had to refrain from pointing out that you were the one who had helped your mother pay bills since you were fifteen.

But it was nice, finally free in a way. Sadly, your happy elevated mood only lasted for three seconds after you rang the door bell of the modest little house. Because that's when your new housemate opened the door and you finally realized that you couldn't escape from idiots.

You stood on the steps and stared, your brain failing to understand what you were seeing. Correction, why you were seeing it.

Because the grinning, slightly confused man standing in front of you was naked. Completely and utterly naked. You had a perfect view of everything. EVERYTHING.
Why you? Why were all the people you knew complete and utter idiots? Were you just too serious? Or were they all legally insane?

"Hola! I'm Antonio, you must be  ______!"

"You're naked."

He blinked, looked down, then blushed. You tried your best not to facepalm. Closing the door in your face, you heard him bustle off. When he came back, you tried not to slam your head against the nearest object. He had chosen to cover up with a tomato covered apron, still bare ass naked beneath it.

"As first impressions go, Mr.Antonio, I sure as hell wasn't expecting this one."

He blushed, biting his lower lip. Stepping away from the door, he gestured you in. You entered, trying to keep as much space as possible between the two of you.

"Can I help you carry anything in?"

"Please don't."

He was a nudist. That was the only sure thing you knew about him besides the fact that he was Spanish. (And had a great body.)

At first it had embarrassed you to no end. You tried your best to avert your eyes and hide your blush. But now, you just ignored him and the fact that he walked about in his "birthday suit." At times it was harder said then done, but you managed. Some how. It was easier when you went to your classes, seeing as he wore clothing in public.

"Hey chica!!!" Antonio trilled, sauntering into the kitchen. You kept your eyes on your plate, not daring to look up. He stopped in front of the table, leaning forward and grinning. You shifted your eyes upwards. He grinned, his emerald eyes sparkling.

You blinked. He was wearing clothing. A white button up shirt and dark brown slacks. This was weird. The fact that you felt weird because he was wearing clothing, was alarming.

You continued staring, wondering if a separate universe had collided with your own and now a normal Antonio stood before you. You almost wanted him to peel off the clothing an walk about naked.

"Do you hate me?"

"No." You were still staring, trying to wrap your head around the notion that he could wear clothing like a normal person. He noticed you vacant, mystified expression and let out a nervous laugh.

"Well in that case. Wanna go out with me?"

Your mind froze. All logical thought packed up and left, leaving you a wide eyed, staring idiot. Antonio's blush deepened and he coughed nervously.

"Did hell freeze over? Or are you on drugs?" It came out as a blunt question, making his eyes widen and his already impossibly red cheeks darken further.

"Um no.. Actually I think I...... I." He paused and you waited, watching as he tugged on his collar. Poor guy probably wanted to strip.

"I think I love you."

"Okay." You wanted to kick yourself. A guy confesses his love for you and all you could come up with was "Okay"?

"I'll go out with you." You felt your cheeks up as you said it. It had taken Antonio wearing clothing and you acting like an idiot for you to realize that you loved him.

Huh, maybe you were as dysfunctional as your family. And maybe, that was a good thing.
:I Why am I working on silly oneshots like these instead of my requests and series? >_> Ah well.....
I own nothing but the plot :iconspainassplz:

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