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Supernatural BTTxReader


"Ding Dong"

You raced down the hallway and picked up the large bowl of candy. Opening the door you smiled down at the trick-or-treaters. "Happy Halloween!"

Smiling you watched as they each took a piece, then raced down your walkway.

Closing the door you looked behind you. Your cat Kiku watched the bowl in your hand.

"Don't worry Kiku, I'm not handing out your Tuna treats." The little cat huffed, flicking his stub tail.

The doorbell rang again, spinning around, you opened the door again. Iggy, your neighbor stood behind his twins, Alfred and Matthew.

"TRICK OR TREAT MS._________!!!!!" Alfred crowed
He was dressed as a Cowboy. Matthew was dressed as Winnie The Pooh.

While the boys picked out a piece, you grinned at Arthur, "So how are the cooking classes going?" The Englishman rolled his eyes "The teacher threatened to sue because I accidentally lit his favorite oven on fire." Laughing you patted the boys on their heads.
The boys thanked you, then went on their way. You waved, then closed the door.

Kiku flicked his ears back, glaring at the bowl. "Honestly Kiku! These aren't your tuna treats!" You tipped the bowl towards him. He sniffed it, satisfied that it was indeed not his treats, he sauntered away.

Silly cat.

The doorbell rung again. Strange, All the kids from your neighborhood had already come. Usually you didn't get any other kids.

Opening the door you scowled. Three men stood there, posing as if for a photo shoot.

The one on the left had white hair, crimson eyes and an idiotic smirk. He was dressed as a vampire, black cape and all. His ears were also pointed.

The guy in the middle had tanned skin and vibrant green eyes. Two cat like ears were balanced on the top of his head. He had mummy like bandages around his neck and wrists.

The third guy had blonde hair and blue eyes. You had no idea what he was dressed as. The white Victorian clothes made you roll your eyes.  The little horns peeking out of his hair weren't helping him.

"Trick or treat?" The tanned guy grinned "We can give you both."

Picking up three pieces, you shoved the candy at them. "There." You tried to shut your door.

The Blonde's foot was in the doorway.

"You didn't tell us vhich one you vant." It was the albino who spoke.

"Neither." You hissed.

His hand inched its way towards the door handle.

You let out a long low whistle. The trio stared at you in confusion. You just glared.
Behind you there was the thump of paws then a long low growl.
With out looking behind, you knew that your German Shepard Ludwig was behind you. The trio flinched and backed up. Slamming the door in their faces, you grinned.

"Good boy Luddy." His eyes stayed on the door. Patting his head you made your way upstairs. You heard the german shepard following behind you at a slow pace.
Kiku was curled up on your bed, his eyes half shut.

Ludwig jumped up onto the bed, leaving a small space for you to curl up. Nudging him to the side, you curled up.

-----Time skip-----

Wind whipped through your hair. "Did I leave the window open?" You grumbled sitting up. You blinked, a vast waste land lay before you. Stones and leafless trees dotted the empty landscape.

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?" Standing up, you stared increduoisly around. A low bark from behind startled you.

Ludwig was standing behind you, he was snarling.

"L-ludwig?" He had never snarled at you before. Then you realized that he was staring at something behind you.

A chill crept up your spine, like slender fingers trailing up your back.
Something wet dripped down onto your lips. Reaching up you brushed at them. Your hand came away red.

What? A bloody nose? You had stopped getting those ages ago.

A laugh sounded behind you, echoing around inside your head.

What was going on?!

Ludwig barked, ramming his head against the backs of your legs. You began to run.
Rocks and trees seemed to leap into your path. No matter. You were the champion hurdle runner in high school. Ludwig kept pace with you. The laughing was getting louder.

"Keep running!" You nearly stumbled when Ludwig looked up at you, "Did you just speak?" The dog nodded.

Things couldn't get any stranger.

Ludwig leaped up and transformed from a German Shepard into a tall man. His eyes were still ice blue and he had slicked back blonde hair.

Correction. Things would most likely get weirder.

"Keep running. Kiku is ahead. He vill keep you safe. I'll hold zem off."

"Kiku? As in my cat?" He nodded, "Just keep running und don't look back."
"But whats going on?" You started to slow down, He glared, "No time for questions!"

You nodded, putting on a burst of speed you continued your leaping. Frickin' rocks.

From behind the sound of snarling and howls. Then a loud Yelp.
Was that Ludwig? Before you could turn around a hand grabbed your arm.

"Keep going ______-san." You stared at the guy running along beside you.
He was about your height, with chin length black hair. "Kiku?"


He looked behind, "Rudwig-san is strong. He wir be ok." The yelping continued, Kiku flinched turning back around.
His arm whiped out and stopped you from running any further.
"Wha....." You stared ahead.

A giant field of tomato plants lay ahead. The plants bowed under the weight of the red fruit.

"What's wrong? It's just tomatoes."

"NO." Kiku unsheathed the sword at his side. "Things in this prace are not what they appear." He looked over at you, "Stay behind me and don't touch anything." you nodded

He began running, leaping and twirling, his sword a silver blur about him. Tomato plants flew into the air, staining the air red. You ran behind, slightly afraid you might get hit by his sword or the plants.

A high pitched scream of pure pain, ripped through the air.

"That's not Rudiwig-san." Kiku shouted. "Thats the master of this rever."

"Rever? You mean Level? Why would my dreams have levels?" You shouted back, ducking under a particularly large plant. "Hai, your dream, particularly this one."

Wait. The plants.

They were moving towards you and Kiku, the tomatoes split open like mouths.

"Fusosososososososo." A strange laughter came from behind, gaining on you. The edge of the field appeared. You were close.

Kiku lept up and over your head, landing behind you. "Keep running. Help is ahead."
"The chica doesn't stand a chance." The laughing voice had calmed.

You glanced behind. It was the tanned guy from before.


Whatever. You decided not to question it.

Tomato plants ripped at your legs, wrapping themselves around you. You plowed ahead, ripping the plant bodies off you.

The sounds of swords clashing could be heard. You hopped Kiku would be okay.

You lept over the edge of the field and tumbled into the next area. It was a place full of mirrors. They reflected you, panting with bloody legs.

"Like you better stand up if you, like vanna live." A slightly obnoxious male voice sounded to your right. Looking up you stared at the man.

He had shoulder length blonde hair and bright green eyes. A pink scarf was tied around his neck. Kinda like Mrs.Fritz's bird Feilx. The annoying budgie that you took care of for her.

"I am NOT annoying." He snorted, placing his hands on his hips "You just don't understand Budgie speak."

If Budgie speak was the bird parroting "Vicked hipster pink" thirty times an hour.
"But, like, ve should get moving."

He helped you up. Limping slightly you started down the path of mirrors.

"Kesesesesesese." The new laughter was just as strange as the last, almost like a snake choking.
"I know right? Dis guy has no taste vhat so ever." Felix waved a hand at the mirrors

"Gold mirrors. I mean, like, try harder. Dey are sooooooooooo last year and totally tacky."

You nodded, doubting that the mirrors being last year really mattered.

"It totally matters, girl! You have no idea." You turned towards the man.

"Could you stop reading my mind?"

He rolled his eyes, "I'm not. I'm stopping fashion disaster from entering it."
Fashion disaster? Was he or she the boss of this level?

"Yeah. He's a valking fashion mistake." Felix waved his hand about, "De guy needs help."

"I am NOT a valking fashion disaster Pinky!" An albino stepped out from behind a mirror.

The albino who had come to your door.

Felix crossed his arms and move forward, partially hiding you from the man. "Oh yeah? Little birdie tells me dis is all to compensate for someding."

The albino flushed, "I'm not compensating for anything!" His red eyes flicked towards you than back at Felix.

"Just give me ze girl and everyzing will be peachy." He tapped his foot, the black cap rustled.

"Um let me dink....... NO." Felix pulled what looked like a Pokemon ball out of his pocket, except it was bright pink,

"Not bright pink. Vicked hipster pink." Felix twisted the top off, and held it upside down. Bright pink, sorry. Vicked hipster pink liquid exploded out, showering everything.

"NEIN!!! VHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!" The mirrors were completely coated with the stuff. The albino clawed at his mirrors, trying in vain to get it off. His hands stuck to the surface.

"Goodluck, Dat's , like extra strength nail polish." Felix grinned.

He turned towards you and made a shooing motion. "I'll take care of him. You get past de next level and like you'll be safe."

Waving goodbye you hurried past the sobbing albino. The sound of glass shattering made you pick up your pace.

Weaving through a maze of pink splattered mirrors, you smiled slightly at what Felix was saying

"And black makes you, like totally vashed out looking! Use your imagination."
The mirrors ended at the edge of a ragged cliff. Directly below was a labyrinth of gray buildings.

The last level. Better be easy, you were getting tired. Sliding over the edge, you dropped a few feet onto the roof of one of the buildings.

Now what? Jump across the rooftops?
Actually wasn't that some kind of sport? Park something.


You spun around. The Blonde man was behind you. His throat had a vicious looking bite on it. It leaked blood onto his pure white clothing. He twirled a rose lazily between his fingers.

"It was invented by ze French." He winked, tossing the rose over the edge of the building.
"I'll give you a 'ead start."

Deciding that you shouldn't question, you ran.

"Five, Four, Zree, Two, One." a loud clatter as he lept after you.

You ran for the edge  and jumped. You landed perfectly on the other side.

So far so good.
You lept from building to building, not daring to look back.

"Oh Hon hon hon hon hon. You are quite good at zis." What was with these guys and creepy laughter.

"I am quite surprised you got past ze other two." His voice was closer. You felt his breath on your neck.

Shrieking like a tea kettle you ran at full speed and jumped over the edge of the building.

Only in your panic you had misjudged the distance. Your arms flailing you managed to get a hold on the edge of the building. The rest of your body painfully slammed against the side of it. The breath was knocked out of you. Gasping, you felt your arms tremble, from the effort of holding your exhausted body.

Blondie landed on the building barely making a sound. He grinned down at you.

"In some cultutrs people belive zat one can die in dreams. 'Ow does it feel to know you are going to die in your dream?"

Something in your mind clicked. Felix's had said it, Kiku had said it and now this man was saying it.

Your dream. Not his, Yours.

"My dream." You panted, glaring up at him. He nodded, his smirk flickering slightly.

"So dreams are like imagination. Right?" His smile vanished as he nodded again.

"So anything I image can come true." Your arms had stopped trembling. He frowned

"I guess, but zat really won't 'elp you." Reaching down, he pulled you up by your shirt collar. "It's to late for zat."

"Aye. It's to late for ye'." another voice spoke up from behind the blonde.

Flinching he twisted around, which gave you enough room to see who was behind him.

A red headed man in nothing but a kilt had his arms crossed and was glaring. "Put the lassie down an' fight me like a man."
The Frenchman laughed, "You are nozing more zen a figment of 'er imagination. It would take 'undreds of you to 'urt me."

The Scotsman smiled, "Good, don't mind if ah invite a few lads." sticking his fingers into his mouth, he gave a short, sharp whistle.
All around it was echoed by the legion of men who had materialized onto the roofs of the buildings around you.

They were all your favorite historical figures.

William Wallace. Albert Einstein. Joan of Arc. Raoul Wallenberg. Edgar Allen Poe. And a few others.

This was going to be epic.

The Frenchman let go of your collar, causing you to fall painfully to the ground.

"Get him!!!"

You watched slightly shocked as Albert Einstein (and the others) vaulted over the ten foot gap between the buildings.

The redheaded Scotsman shoved you towards the edge of the building, "Jump down. There'll be a way out at the bottom."

"Thank you!" You grinned at him. He grinned back, "Nea thank you lassie. It's been a while since i've been in a brawl."

Lowering your self over the edge, you looked down. It was a long way to fall.

"Fear not. Thee can do it." You gaped, Shakespeare stood over you, a semi-automatic pistol in hand.
"We shall smite this knave for thee fair maiden." Dumbfounded you nodded.

You let go.

The ground seemed to rise up, then it parted and you fell into darkness.

"GAAAAAWGCK!!!!!" You flailed about. Something was entwined around you.

'THUD' You hit what you assumed was the ground.

Opening your eyes you looked around. You were in your bedroom, the sheets curled around your legs.

Kiku and Ludwig were watching you with 'WTF' looks. And they were still pets

That was all a dream? Seriously?

Something was curled up in your hands.
A piece of paper. Opening it your grinned. A quote, one of your favorites

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.  Albert Einstein"
>.> It's a little late for Halloween. xD Oh well.

Reader-chan's favorite historical figures are actually mine. I love those guys.

The quote (c) Albert Einstein

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san

I found the image on google ^u^
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