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December 30, 2012
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Someone was knocking on the front door. Setting your book down, you paused before opening it.

You opened it and sighed.

Berwald Oxenstierna.

The tall Swedish man stood on your front porch, his shoulders hunched. Rain was pelting down, soaking through his clothing. So much like that night, three years ago.

"Damn it!!!" You cried, running through the heavy downpour. You had forgotten you umbrella AGAIN.  Geez, It was the second time this month.

You slowed to a walk, squinting slightly. There was someone sitting on the bench up ahead. A tall man sat hunched on the park bench.

Normally you avoided people who "lurked" in parks at night. But this man gave off a feeling of sadness and defeat.

"Are you okay?" He looked up and nodded, shivering slightly. You frowned.

"Are you hungry?"

He looked startled, rain streaking down his glasses.

"I guess."

"Come on then." You held out your hand, motioning for him to take it.

"Tino throw you out again?" You leaned against doorway, lips pursed. The tall man nodded silently, shivering slightly.

"Come on in."

You moved out of the way, letting the man stumble in.

"You know where the shower is. I'll go get you a towel and some clothing."
He nodded again, kicking off his shoes and walking slowly up the stairs. You went to the hall closet, pulling out a large towel, and the sweatpants and sweater you kept for such visits.

Knocking on the bathroom door, you entered, placing the items on the counter.

"Are you hungry? I can make something."

"Yes please."  He tugged his shirt over his head, letting the soggy clump fall to the floor.

You went back downstairs, not quite sure what to make. Something simple would suffice, Berwald was nice like that.

You made scrambled eggs with toast. Just as you were setting the plates down, Berwald came in, whipping water off his glasses. You nodded to him, sitting down at the table.

"Thanks." He sat down, giving you a small smile.

The both of you ate in silence.

"If you need anything, I'll be in my room."

He nodded, running a hand through his short hair. Yawning, you turned and walked back up the stairs, crawling tiredly into bed. Berwald would most likely sleep on the couch, like always.

Something was wrapped around your waist. You rubbed your eyes sleepily, trying to pry what ever it was off your waist. It only tightened, the breath on the back of your neck increasing slightly.

Wait. Something was breathing on the back of your neck.
Shrieking, you sat up, flailing wildly. You stopped, seeing what is was. Berwald had his arms around your waist.

"What are you doing Berwald?"

He blinked sleepily, sitting up and slipping his glasses on.


"It's fine." You looked at him, slightly confused. He ducked his head, staring at his hands.

"So.......Why'd you come to my bed? Why not the couch?"

He let out a little sigh, "I've been alone for a long time..... I just needed to be close to someone who wouldn't push me away."

You blushed slightly and smiled.

"I'd never do that Ber." You wrapped your arms around his waist, resting your head on his arm.

"Thanks  ______."
SwedenxReader I apologize for the lack of accent xD I really can't write a Swedish accent.

I had written this for someone, but I forget who!!!!! :iconcraiplz: Whoever you are I'm sorry for forgetting you!!!!!

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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Lightstarrrr Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Student General Artist
no more? D:

k time to go to a website and find all them swedenxfinland vids/readers, bye xD

this was quite lovely though, and it's not like tino to throw sve out like that :C
IGame101 Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hrng so cute :>
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Amar8910 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013
Tino... it's not like you to throw someone out... but I'm glad you did.
Ostara-Frost Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013  Student Writer
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