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January 7, 2013
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Hanatamago plush

It was a plushie of Hanatamago. You stared down at it, a goofy grin on your face. It was too cute!!!  Strange that someone would send this to you, almost like they knew that Sweden and Finland were your favorite characters.

It looked exactly like Hanatamago did in the anime, a white puffball with glittering black eyes.

But it was strangely warm, like it was alive.

Geez, talk about having a Stephen King imagination. Next thing you be thinking is that it would come alive at night and eat you.
You tossed it onto the bed, wanting to look through the packaging for a note.


You tried to toss it onto the bed. But it wouldn't budge, because it was stuck on your hand.

You shook your hand furiously, trying to dislodge the toy.

It was growing up your arm. The small toy swelled, engulfing your entire right arm up to the shoulder.

Well shit, you couldn't cut your arm off (And didn't want to) So now what? It was going to reach your head soon and then you wouldn't be  able to breath.
Ass if the thing (you no longer considered it a plushie) had heard you, it began rapidly creeping up your neck.

"SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!" You tried prying it off with your free hand, your fingers numbly scrabbling against the fluffy fabric.

Why am I so calm?! A little voice in your head screamed. Okay so maybe your weren't that calm. Your breath was coming in little gasps and you were having a hard time focusing.

Scissors! You flung your desk drawer open. YES! There was a pair in there. Swinging them high above your head, you stabbed down into the toy.

A sharp pain seared your left side. Looking down you froze. There was blood trickling out of a small cut in your side.

The scissors fell out of your hand, clattering on the floor. A wave of fluffy fabric covered your head.

----Time skip-----


You blinked blearily, trying to shake the sleepy stupor off. Who the hell was Hanatamago? You whined, nuzzling your head deeper in the pillows.

"Hanatamago, if Sweden sees you on the bed, he might get angry!"

Yes, get off the bed Hanatamago. You though angrily  That will shut the dude up.
A hand gently patted the top of your head. You flicked your stub of a tail angrily. Why couldn't you just go to sleep?!

Whoa whoa whoa. Since when had you had a tail?!
Your eyes shot open and you nearly screamed.

A face, much bigger than a normal face should be was hovering over you. You realized a second later that it wasn't that the face was big, but you were small, really small.

"Hanatamago? Are you not feeling well?"

I'm feeling fine. You though sarcastically. Just hallucinating a bit, nothing out of the ordinary.

Then you blinked, because you recognized the face.

It was Finland.

Several thoughts flew through your mind, several of them improbable.

"Come on. I'll let you have a bacon treat before Ber gets home."

A bacon treat....that sounded good, really good. But you were a vegan! But it was a bacon treat.

Geez. Having a dog body and a human mind would most likely provided some very conflicting emotions.

You followed Tino into the kitchen. your little doggy nails clicking against the hardwood floor. He started chattering aimlessly about random stuff.
You waited, wagging your tail as he fried bacon.

GAAAAAH NO! Bad ______ Bad!! You don't eat meat!! But it's bacon!!! Doesn't matter!! You still don't eat meat! It's just a little piece. Nope! Nuh uh, not going to happen

Tino was staring at you while you fought this little internal battle.

"Are you feeling okay Hanatamago?"
You barked a reassurance. Feeling more than a little stupid.

"Tino, I'm home." a familiar deep voice called from the hallway.

You felt a rising excitement. Unable to help yourself, you ran towards it, yipping excitedly. Damn this dog mentality that was trying to overpower you!!!

The tall Swedish man smiled slightly, leaning down to pat your head. You followed him as he mad his way into the kitchen. Surprisingly he didn't hug or kiss Finland. Just sat down at the table and opened a newspaper.

Huh. Maybe Hidekaz Himaruya-san was wrong or something.

You sat at Sweden's feet as the two countries ate breakfast. You felt your tummy rumble. Damn your doggy needs.

Sweden looked down at you, then at Finland. Once the Finish man had turned away, Berwald slipped you a tiny piece of toast.

You ate it gratefully, still cursing your doggy instincts.

----Time skip-----

It was a wonder that Hanatamago wasn't fat. Sweden constantly was sneaking you treats. You would have thought that Finland would be the one to do that.

It was also a wonder that Hanatamago hadn't gone crazy. Finland talked non stop about the most random of things.

You barked at the back door, feeling a need to go outside. Finland let you out.
You stared at the giant expanse of lawn. It looked muddy, very muddy.

The inner dog was excited for a chance roll around in the mud. Hell, you gave in jumping down the stairs and running across the lawn.

An hour later you were covered in mud, pawing at the back door. You whined pitifully, shivering in the cold mud.

"Oh dear, you're very dirty." Tino stared down at you with a slightly annoyed expression. You flicked your ears.

"Bath time then."

You squealed as you were lifted into the air. Tino raced to the bathroom, trying to make sure mud didn't drip on the floor. A bath was already set up, the tub full of sudsy water.
You sat still as Tino poured shampoo on your head. He paused, rubbing the top of your head.

"Hey Ber. What's this?" The tall Swedish man peeked into the bathroom, staring at the top of your head.

Both men crouched in front of the tub, staring at the top of your head. You stared back, slightly worried.

Reaching out Berwald scratched the top of your head. When he pulled away, you could see a clump of dog fur in his hand.

"Why's Hanatamago shedding?" Tino frowned down at you.
You lifted a back leg and scratched your ears furiously. Fur fell into the warm water.

Oh no. What if you turned back into a human? Not only would you have to explain were Hanatamago had gone, but you'd also be completely naked!

You backed away from their hands, not wanting anymore fur to fall off.

Sweden frowned reaching out. There was no other way out, reaching out you bit him as gently as possible, letting out a tiny growl.
Both men froze, their eyes going wide.

"Hanatamago?" Tino looked like he was about to cry. Berwald just looked shocked.
Your spine hurt, like it was being stretched.

NoNoNoNoNoNoNo!!! You couldn't get bigger, you couldn't turn back into a human!!

"Berwald." Tino's face went white  "What's happening?"

With a loud popping, ripping noise, you were back to your normal size. But you weren't completely naked. A fuzzy material was draped over you. The same fuzzy material that the Hanatamago plush was made of.

Tino let out a surprised yelp, falling backwards and hitting his head on the sink. Berwald's mouth fell open, his glasses slipping down his nose.

"Um..... I can explain." You clutched the fabric over your chest  "Really, this has an explanation."

Sweden and Finland nodded, seeming to dumbfounded for a verbal response.

----Time skip----

You had explained everything and now your voice was hoarse. Both Sweden and Finland were still just staring at you.

Berwald had given you one of his large shirts, which you had taken gratefully. You twisted the hem, staring at the ground.

"So You're from a different world, where we are characters from an anime?" Finland rubbed the back of his neck, his lips twisted in a frown.

"Yes" You tugged the hem down, painfully aware the shirt only stopped mid thigh. Sweden stood up abruptly, walking over to the stove and placed a kettle on it.

"Would you like some tea?"

You nodded, glad to have a distraction. Finland kept staring at you, his eyes trailing up and down your form, as if he still couldn't believe you. Either that or he was checking you out. But you seriously doubted that.

Berwald set a mug in front of you. You nodded your thanks, wrapping your hands around it gratefully.
Both men stared openly. You blushed, trying to stop your fangirling thoughts.

"Who is your favorite character."
Berwald's deep voice surprised you, although not as much as the question.

"Um, w-well, Since I've come here, I can get a chance to really know you. So previous favoritism doesn't matter."

You felt your face go bright red. Tino leaned towards Berwald and began whispering rapidly in Swedish. You felt slightly self conscious.

"Would you like to stay?" Sweden glared at you as he asked, you knew that this was just his regular expression.

"If that's okay with you...." They both nodded. You relaxed slightly.

Living with your two favorite characters from Hetalia. Best thing that ever happened to you. EVER.
you get to live with Sweden and Finland.... So lucky xD
This one took me a little while to write ._.


Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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NOMNOMSUN Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014
I would love to see the reader get stuck inside hahatamago's body and have to live with the nordics and still acts human even in a dog body. XD
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"Who is your favorite character."
Berwald's deep voice surprised you, although not as much as the question.

*face turns red*

I can't answer that.
Griffonmender Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

"But it was strangely warm, like it was alive.
Geez, talk about having a Stephen King imagination. Next thing you be thinking is that it would come alive at night and eat you."

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