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January 13, 2013
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_____ was your name, and beating shit up was your game.

You were a street fighter. Moving from town to town, accepting different challenges.

Your grinned wolfishly, pulling on your trusty gloves. The worn leather creaked slightly as you flexed your fingers.

It was time for another fight. This time you had been challenged by a newbie. He had only been Street Fighting for a month.
You didn't like to fight those who had little experience, but he had been adamant.

"Who is it this time   ______?" Gilbert asked, leaning against the chain link fence.

"Kohler. He's new."

The Albino's eyebrows arched,  "He's really new. I zought zat vas against your policy."

Rolling your eyes, you stretched your legs.  "He was really persistent Gil. I'll just knock him around a bit."

Gilbert grinned, his blood red eyes twinkling,  "Vith you it's never zat harmless."

"Yeah, well."

Shrugging you stood up.  "If I don't get moving I'll be late."
Gilbert waved as you walked off, chuckling to himself slightly.

----Time skip----

"You have any abilities I should know about?" Kohler grinned cockily, his odd wheat colored hair shining under the noon sun. He was shifting from foot to foot, either nervous or pumped up.

You shook your head, rolling your shoulders in their sockets. You wouldn't need to use those abilities in this fight.

"Bare fist, no weapons." You stated, watching as he nodded in agreement.

Four men were standing a good ten feet away, no doubt Kohler's cronies. They weren't that bad looking though, especially the tall intimidating looking guy.

You looked back at Kohler. He smirked, raising his fist like a boxer.

Who would make the first move?

He stared at you unblinking, trying to intimidate you. Idiot. You blinked freely, knowing that having dry eyes during a fight was no good.

"You can do it Kohler!!" One of his cronies called out. That diverted your attention slightly.

Cursing silently, you looked at Kohler just in time to dodge the fist he sent flying your way.

Crouching down, you twisted at the hip and sent one combat boot clad foot into his groin. He grunted, stumbling back slightly. Kohlers face drained of color slightly.

You stood back up, smirking.  "Oh I'm sorry. Did I hit a no-no spot?"

His face went bright red "Shut up!"

The next few moments were a flurry of blows. You dodged, parried and got in a few good shots.

You dodged a clumsy punch and delivered a swift kick to his side.

A white hot pain shot through your side. Looking down, you cursed. Kohler had stabbed you.

A normal person might have at least faltered slightly, but not you. The breaking of the "rules" enraged you.

Lashing out with your fist you smiled as it connected with a satisfying crunch.

"You broke by dose!! You broke by fucking dose!!" Kohler howled, stumbling backwards, his hand pressed to his face. Blood leaked out from between his fingers.

"You stabbed me." You winced pulling the blade out of your side.

"This fight is over." Turning on your heel you stomped away.

"I don't dink so."
You spun around just in time to see the large rock heading straight for your face.

'I'm going to kill him' You thought, right before the stone hit your forehead and you blacked out.

----Time skip----

You groaned, your head was pounding. You sat up and quickly decided that that wasn't a good idea.
Looking around you scowled, the room you were in was unfamiliar. That was just great.

"Are you alright?" You twisted to look at the door, wincing at the pain that shot through your head.

It was the tall intimidating man. He looked even taller close up.

"I'm Berwald. Kohler hit you pretty bad."

You nodded, regretting the action immediately.  "I'm  ________."

Berwald nodded, pushing his glasses higher up his nose. You sighed, allowing your eyes to roam about the room again. You did this mainly because you didn't want to stare at him.

"Where am I?"

"My place."


"No problem."


He stared at you, his intense gaze never wavering. You stared back, slightly nervous.

"Kohler wants a re-match." His voice startled you out of your staring match.

"Good. I'll kick his ass." You sat up, cracking your knuckles. Berwald's lips twitched slightly.

You raised an eyebrow at the man. A faint dusting of pink crossed his cheeks.

"He'll hurt you. I don't want that to happen."

Both of your eyebrows were now raised. "Is that so?"
The man nodded, his glasses hiding his eyes. You sighed, flopping your head to the side.


He froze, seeming at a lose for words. You smirked,  "No explanation behind your excuse?"
Sitting up, you swung your legs out of the bed ant stood up.
You still had your black tank top and leather pants on. That was good.

"Please don't  ________." Berwald reached out and grabbed your wrist gently. You shook it off.

"Nope. I've got to teach that punk a lesson."
He tilted his head slightly, considering your answer.

"Alright. But he might use a knife again, or something worse."

"Trust me Berwald, I won't hold back this time." You grinned at the hidden shock evident in his eyes.

----Time skip----

"Ready to be beaten?" You weren't surprised to see him grin cockily at you. He must have completely forgotten that you had broken his nose.
Although it was really hard to miss the large bandage.

"Shut up and fight." You growled, rubbing the side he had stabbed.
Without warning he lashed out with his fists. You dodged the blows easily, not making a counter-attack.

"Afraid to hit me?" You taunted, hands behind your back. He growled, his punches becoming sloppy with anger.

You noticed that Berwald was standing a few feet away. Close enough for him to intervene if something were to happen.

Ten minutes later, Kohler was panting heavily, his face bright red. "I-I'm, not, not done y-yet."
You were barely sweating. Dodging was easier than attacking.

"Fuck this." Kohler spat, his eyes narrowing. Berwald made a move, you shook your head slightly. He frowned then nodded.
Reaching into his jeans, he pulled out a small revolver.

'Geez, talk about having problems.' Rolling your eyes, you stood perfectly still.

"You couldn't even hit me with a punch, that won't work."

"Shut up." He snapped, lifting the gun and firing.
You smirked,  snagging the bullet before it could hit you.

"See?" You flicked the now useless bullet at him. Kohler looked like he had been slapped across the face.

"B-B-But. You said." He stuttered pointing at you, "No abilities!"

"I lied."

You drew your fist back, Kohler whined. With a sickening crunch, you broke his nose again.

"You can catch bullets." It wasn't a question. You nodded, not looking at Berwald. He was walking beside you, as silent as a shadow.

"Where will you go now?"

You shrugged, not really knowing the answer. "I guess to my next fight location.
Silence fell again.

"You could stay with me." The comment was no more than a whisper, but your heard it perfectly.

"Really? You barely know me."

Berwald shrugged, smiling slightly. You smiled back, blushing slightly.

"Maybe it is time for me to settle down." You reached out, taking his hand. Berwald's smile grew, his large hand tightening around yours.
:> A request from :iconandystarfish:

Hope you like it xD

I made Denmark an ass :I

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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