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October 9, 2012
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Sweet Revenge
Bad Touch TrioxReader


"FRANSIS BONNEFOY!!! YOU GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!!!!" You screamed running after the laughing frenchman.

Sliding around a corner, you jumped down the stairs of the small house you shared with the three members of BTT.

Francis had gone to far.

He could slap your ass, he could steal kisses, but he could NOT take your last bar of chocolate.

To others this would seem silly. Its just chocolate right?


You were a chocoholic and proud of it! And you deserved that chocolate damn it! You had a shitty day at work and you were looking forward to that bar all day.

For some reason it was the only one in your secret stash drawer. You were pretty sure you had atleast three in there. But before you could consider, Francis had leaned over your shoulder and snatched it away.

Running into the living room, your foot caught on something, causing you to fall face first onto to the floor.

"VATCH IT ________!" A loud, german accent commanded.Picking youself up you looked down.

Gilbert lay on his stomache, X-Box controller in hand. You scowled in response, then looked around for Francis.

The blonde was leaning against the kitchen door-frame grinning like an idiot. "Cheri, why so angry?" You gritted your teeth.

He held the chocolate loosely in his hand. Maybe you could make a dash for it.

Francis saw you looking and smirked.

"Gilbert"    The albino looked up "Vas?" He growled, glaring at the frenchman.


The chocolate bar went flying through the air. You dove trying to catch it.

No luck.

Gilbert now stood with it in his hands. "Zis smells good." He remarked,tossing it from hand to hand.
"Give the chocolate to me, Gil." You growled, hands on your hips. He flopped his head to the side.

"Sure." He smiled.

Francis groaned'"Gilbert! You are no fun!" You walked over to him and made a grab for it. He held it over your head.

"You have to give me somezing for it." He smirked.

You rolled your eyes," "Fine! What do you want." You bet all the tea in China he'd ask for a kiss.

He did.

Sighing you stood on tiptoes and placed a small kiss on his lips, blushing slightly. You pulled back and held out a hand for the chocolate. He just grinned down at you.

"Gil.My chocolate." You frowned. "Vhat about it?" His grin got impossibly wider.


You froze at the unmistakable sound of chocolate being eaten. You slowly turned around.

Francis had half of the bar poking out of his mouth. He tossed the bar back to Gilbert, who shoved the another half into his mouth.

"GUYS!" You shrieked.

Antonio swept into the livingroom, "Amigos! Why are you picking on the chica?" He ruffled your hair, smiling.

"But we're not!" Francis said as innocently as a creep like him could.

Glaring daggers at the two theifs you hissed. "They stole my last bar of chocolate."

"D'awwww poor chica!" Antonio wrapped you up into a bearhug. "Don't worry ________, we can get more."

You glared over his shoulder at Gilbert and Francis.

Both idiots smirked.

"Besides.I know how we can get them back chica." Antonio's breath tickled your ear.

---Time skip brought to you by Antonio's evil plan---

The smell of melted chocolate and warm brownies filled the air

"Vhat is zis?" Gilbert looked over your shoulder at the pan of brownies you were pouring melted chocolate over.

"What does it look like?"

It was so hard trying not to laugh. If you laughed the plan would be ruined.

Antonio winked at you from his spot at the table.

"Um are zey for you or can Francis and I have some?"

You nearly choked on the laughter bubbling in your throat.
Smiling up at him, you batted your eyelashes.

"They're for the both of you. To say I forgive you for eating my chocolate." Grinning Gil gave you a quick hug," Danke ______."

Toni started to snort, trying his best not to laugh.

Francis peeked his head into the kitchen " What is so funny?"

You grinned "I made brownies!"

In seconds flat the Frenchman had grabbed a knife and cut himself a large chunk out of the pan. "Zis is great! You know 'ow much I love your cooking ______!"

If you stayed any longer, you were going to explode with laughter. You dashed into the living room, where part two of the evil plan was stashed.

Grabbing a book you sat down and pretended to read. Sounds of the two fools gorging themselves on brownies drifted out of the kitchen.

"You vant some Toni?"

"Nah, amigo. I'm good."

You had to bite down on your tounge to keep from laughing.

After a while the two idiots skipped towards you. "Zhat vas epicly awesome ______" Gilbert stood infront of you, licking chocolate off his fingers.

"Oui" Francis gave you his rare non-pervy-pedo smile. "But zere were was a taste I 'ave never 'ad before." He tilted his head, "What did you use?"

Tossing the book aside you tried your best not to laugh. "Oh, you know. Belgium chocolate, eggs, choco powder and the usual."

Francis frowned "Zat's it?"

You nodded "Oh! And this!" reaching under a pillow you pulled out a little bottle.

Gilbert, still licking his fingers, raised an eyebrow.

"This." You smirked "Is chocolate flavored laxative."

The look on their faces was EPIC. Francis's face had gone green, while Gilbert's had drained of all color.

"H-how much did you put in?" Gilbert stuttered.

"Weeeeeeeell, I knew that most of it would be cooked out soooooooooooooooooooo." You pulled another bottle out from under the pillow.

Francis whimpered. In the kitchen Antonio was doubled over, breathless with silent laughter.

"Please tell my you're joking." Gilbert looked as if he was about hurl.

However before you could answer Francis's stomache gave a high-pitched whine. Gilbert's answered it with a sputtering grumble.They stood there for a moment,as looks of panic settled onto there faces.

Both men ran for the stairs.

Francis made it halfway up before Gil pulled him down and lept over him.

Giving up the blonde hurled himself into the downstairs bathroom.

You sat on the couch, your laughter joining in with Toni's.

Revenge was sweet.

------The next day-------

"So you used laxative? Brilliant." Arthur grinned at you from his spot across the table. "I've never thought to do that. But, the damn Frenchy never eats my cooking so......" He sighed and shook his head.

"You are one sly woman, __________ ."

Shrugging you sipped the tea you had made. "Well it was Antonio who thought to put something disgusting into brownies. I chose laxative."

The kitchen door swung open. A pale Francis entered.

He glared at you.

" I 'ope your 'appy with yourself."

You smiled sweetly "Why wouldn't I be?" He snorted, walking out the back door. Arthur watched him go.

"Wow, he actually looked like crap for once!" You nodded, only slightly guilty.

"You vould too, if you had sat on ze crapper for three hours." Gilberts' irritated voice came from behind you.

"Zat vas an awfully harsh punishment for eating your chocolate." His brilliant red eyes gleamed.

"I zink Francis und I owe you enough to return ze favor." You really didn't like the way he said that.

He leaned in close, His lips brushing your ear, "Vatch your back, ve vill get revenge."

Arthur glanced between the two of you as the prussian left. "You might not want to eat anything they cook from now on."

You agreed whole-heartedly.
I'm not to happy with this one... :I But I guess its ok.

Its a bit of a crack story

I found this funny hetalia animation while listening to music on youtube [link]

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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The llamacorn would put ghost peppers or carolina reaper peppers in the browines plus england scones nobodymeats my chocolate
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Oh man, I love it!:D I love the part where she said "I used laxative" - and the expressions after.:D And, I love the after-effects of it - the next day:D Awesome!:)
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'You bet all the tea in China he'd ask for a kiss.'

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