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October 11, 2012
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Three Wishes



You really hated the little town you lived in. It was a sleepy, half-dead kind of town. What  your family and the other 78 residents thought was fun, you considered to be sleep inducing. You knew EVERYONE in the frickin' town. You wanted excitment, Fun something out of the norm for this place. Little did you know, a whirl wind of excitment was headed your way.


"So. Hows school?" Your father asked you, like he did every morning.

"The same."

You bit into   a peice of toast.

"Have you heard the news?  

You rolled your eyes. In a town like this, gossip spread like wild fire. If there was anything new your nosiy neighbor wold have already called  by now.

He frowned at you."Don't be like that. This is actually something of some importance."
You raised an eyebrow. Your father thought it was important. That was a good sign. "Are the fur traders coming back?"                                                                                    

He shook his head. "Nope, we got three students coming in.

" Students. "How is that important?" You glanced at the clock, almost time for school.

"Weeeeell." He tapped the table, "They're from different countries." This grabbed your attention.

"Different countries?! Like England and Italy?" Excited you leaned across the table. He shook his head "Think different countries like, France, Spain and Germany."  

For the first time in your life, you were actually eager to get to school. It had taken until your last year of high school for something exciting to happen.But it just might be worth the weight.

Wolfing down the last of your toast, you jumped up, grabbed your bag and was out the door in 5 seconds flat.  Because it was such a small town it only took you about 5 minutes to arrive at school.  

"Have you heard the news?!" A loud voice broke throught the babble of the crowd, "Like, Three new HOT guys are going to be in OUR school!"
Rolling your eyes, you walked past Jenna, the popular girl in your school.

"OUR   school" as she put it, was the ONLY school in the town.


Once in your seat, you couldn't sit still.

GEEEEEEZ what was taking your teacher so long?! She walked into the classroom and began roll call. The clock slowly ticked by.

"Alright class!" She set her clipboard down. "I know that some of you had heard the news already. So! I want you to make our new students feel welcome!"

Three boys walked in.

Three of the best looking guys you had ever seen.

The first was a tall guy with shoulder length blonde hair ,a longish nose and sparkling blue eyes                                                                                 

The second was tan with slightly curly, chocolate hair and Bright green eyes.                                                              

The white hair of the last guy was brilliant, but it couldn't rival the vivid red  of his eyes.

ALL of the girls in your class swooned.

"Okay guys! Why don't you introduce yourselves!" You noticed that your teacher didn't try to hide the fact that she was staring.

The blonde winked, " 'Ello I am Francis Bonnefoy. I transferd here from France. I am also single." He ended his little speech by blowing a kiss.

All the guys in the class looked disgusted, the girls just swooned. AGAIN.

"Hola!" His green eyes sparkling the second guy grinned, "I'm Antonio Fernández Carriedo. I came here from Spain. It's nice to meet you."

Geez even your teacher was blushing.

"Und I am ZE AWESOME Gilbert Beilschmidt. I'm from ZE AWESOME Prussia." The Albino grinned.

"Um it says on your papers Germany." Your teacher sounded breathless as she looked down at her paper strewn desk.

"Vhat? Did mein idiot bruder mess up ze paperwork? Vhatever."

"Well why don't you take a seat? You can pick were you want to sit!" The sappy smile that slid across her face made you want to barf.


Glancing around you noted that there was one open seat near you, one in the front of the classroom and one in the back.

Gilbert sat up front. You got the feeling he liked attention and a lot of it. Antonio leapt into the seat next to you. Leaving the back for Francis.
You swore he was pouting as he took his seat. As the day went on you found that you had every single class with them.

In most of the classes atleast one of them sat near you.
When Antonio sat near you , he would smile and wave. Francis would wink, then totally ignore you when he saw the "popular girls". Gilbert didn't even acknowledge your presense. But he would always stick his hand in his bookbag as if he was petting something. Twice you swore you heard a bird chirpping.

It was during lunch that you figured out what it was.

Because you didn't like the loud caffeteria, you always sat outside. However today you were a bit shocked when the new students came out, soon after you.

"Hola!" Antonio grinned, "I hope you don't mind us here." Shaking your head you took a bite of (Favorite sandwich). He sat next to you on the old picnic table. Francis took the spot across from you.

"Why are you sitting outside?"

Shrugging you watched Gilbert crouch under a tree, reaching into his bookbag. "Its to loud in there." Antonio nodded, biting into a tomato.

"Whats your name chica?"

"Oh! I'm ______ ______"    He nodded "I like that name."

Gilbert had now taken a tiny ball of yellow fluff out of his bag. Why would he keep fluff in his bookbag?. Oh wait. It was moving.

"Do you 'ave a thing for Gilbert?" Francis was smirking, drumming his long fingers on the table top.

Blushing, you shook your head, "What?! No! I was just wondering what that fluff ball was." Antonio grinned, "Thats Gilbird! His pet bird. He's had it for the past six years and it still looks the same."

"Oui." Francis frowned, "It's kind of creepy ze way it doesn't change."
Anotonio nodded. "Yeah. And the way it just stares for minutes on end without blinking."

You all sat there, just staring at Gilbert. He turned around and gave the three of you a 'Whats wrong with you people' look.

Antonio slapped you on the back, "You wanna be lunch buddies?"
You blushed again, why would they want to hang out with you?

"AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, You look like a tomato!!!!" Antonio pulled you into a bone-crushing hug.

--------Six months later---------

The trio and you had become best friends. Now in class, Toni would slip you funny notes. Francis would repeat everything the teacher would say and turn it into something peverted. And Gilbert would let you pet Gilbird.

You guys did everything together. Walking to school, shopping, playing pranks. Even cooking.

You all sat on the end of an old wooden fishing peir.

Side by side.

"Sooooooooo. Vhat are you going to do vhen schools out?" Gilbert looked at his feet, which were submerged in the cool water.

You shrugged, "Go to college I guess."

Francis leaned back on his elbows, "Where? France, Italy or maybe Japan?" You shook your head.

"Theres a college three towns over. I'll probably go there." An akward silence fell.  

Antonio tilted his head back "What are three things you want  to do more than anything else in the world?"

You blinked, Antonio didn't usually ask such serious questions. (He usally asked stuff like, "If you could be a tomato, which kind would you be?") Looking around you bit your lip,

"Weeeell, I'd like to learn how to drive, maybe learn how to dance and definately leave this crummy little town and travel the world." Looking at your hands you sighed. The last one was a dream far from coming true.

A stream of silvery water slashed you in the face. "GILBERT! What the hell man?" You laughed at the smirking prussian. "I don't like to see such a sad look on your face."

Rolling your eyes, you pushed him off the pier.

He sputtered, sitting in the knee-high water. "Zat vas so unawesome!"

A pair of hands pushed you into the water. "Oh hon hon hon!!" Francis stood on the edge of the peir laughing. "You should see your face ______!"

You were the one laughing as Toni body slammed Francis into the water.
Toni! Zat's not fair!" He sputtered, slicking his hair back from his face. Antonio flicked water in his direction, "Come on amigo, I can't let you have all the fun."
Francis flicked water back.

Soon it had turned into an all out water war. Gilbert joined in, kicking water everywhere. You were soon breathless with laughter.

Your watch beeped.

Looking down you saw that it was time to head home. "I gotta go guys, See you tommorrow." You waved as you began jogging back towards town. They waved, calling out goodbyes.

--------Gilberts Point of veiw----------

I watched as ______ jogged down the road, getting smaller and smaller. When she had vanished from sight I turned towards, the others.
"You guys..... Maybe ve can help her out vith those zree vishes." Francis raised an eyebrow,

"And 'ow do you suggest we do zat?" I smirked
"Vith mein AWESOME plan ofcourse." Antonio rubbed his chin in though, "I think I know where your going with this. I nodded
"So heres ze plan guys"

------Reader's point of veiw/ the next day-------

It was six in the morining. You had woken up ten minutes before you had to.



The doorbell wouldn't stop ringing. You lie in bed, your pillow covering your head.
"_______" Your father called up the stairs. "There are some school friends at the door."

Great. Probably the trio.

Leaping out of bed, you hurridly dressed, then ran downstairs.

Yup it was them.

Francis grabbed your hand and dragged you outside ,while Antonio waved at your father. Gilbert ran ahead and opened a door to a car.

"Francis? What about my school stuff?"

"We aren't going to school today _____" You frowned "Why?" Your only answer was him shoving you into the back seat of the car.
Sitting up you scowled, "This isn't funny guys!" Antonio slid into the seat next to you while Gil and Francis sat up front.

"Don't worry chica!" He grinned  

"We're going to teach you how to drive!" That shocked you into silence.

"And zen after zat we're going to teach you how to dance!"

"Und zen ve'll take you to our home countries!!"

Tears formed in the corners of your eyes, "Thanks guys."
Awwww don't cry chica!!!!"

"Oui! Please don't cry."

" Mädel!"

Too late. Tears slid down your cheeks.

"Y-y-you guys are s-so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet."

-------Four hours later--------




The car screeched to a halt, the back tires nearly leaving the ground.

You looked around. Gilbert was gripping the dash board, his eyes wide. Francis had a death grip on his seat-belt, While Toni looke like he needed to puke.

"I said, gently press ze gas petal. Not be a lead foot!" Gilbert slowly pried his fingers away from the dash. "Vhy don't ve end todays lesson?"

Nodding you climbed into the back and sat in the middle.

That was the first of many lessons. After a month you knew enough to pass a driving test. The trio decide it was time for you to graduate to dancing.
Come to our place tommorrow." Tonio rubbed the back of his head, "Our basement is a bit like a dance studio."

------The next day----------

It took you only 5 minutes to walk to their house. Dressed in a tank top and shorts, you lept up onto the porch and knocked. A bare chested Francis opened the door.

You blushed, you had seen him shirtless several times, but that didn't make it any less akward for you. " 'ow are you today?" "Good." You walked inside, and followed him into the basement.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs you found that Antoni was right. Their basement was like a dance studio. One wall was lined with mirrors (Gil stood in front of them, flexing his musels) The others were bare except for a waist high steel bar.

Antonio waved, "Hola Chica! You ready to dance?" You nodded nervously. "Okay!" He clapped his hands "The question is, which kind of dance do you want to learn?" You shrugged "Um, I don't really know."

Gilbert slung an arm around your shoulders. "Lets make zis simple. Ballet or Salsa?" You made a face, "Uuuuuum Salsa?"

Antonio's face lit up. He jumped up and down in excitment. "Aw man this is great!"

Grabbing you around the waist he began to make a series of complicated steps. You stummbled and tripped over your feet. Then you stood on his foot. He winced, then let go of you.

"Why don't I show you the steps." He then proceeded to repeat the steps he had made before. You watched with a sinking feeling. As easy as he made them look, you knew you were going to have trouble replicating them.

Gilbert started laughing as he attempted to mimic Antonio. Francis excecuted the moves perfectly.

"Your turn ______!" You clumsly attempted the steps, blushing as you stumbled. Antonio flopped his head to the side.

"Yeah. Almost." He went through the steps again, much slower. You grimaced. You and the others kept repeating the steps.

Halfway through, Francis walked over to the wall-bar and began excecuting ballet moves. You were surprised when he completed a perfect split. Gilbert winced as if in pain.

--------Two hours later------

You were sitting on the bottom step, panting. You had mastered the basic moves.

Just barely.

Toni tapped his foot. "Come on chica!" He clapped his hands "You gotta keep up the pace!"

You sighed, "I'm tired!" streching your legs you winced. "Besides my legs hurt!" Gilbert laughed from his spot on the floor. "So vhat?! Aren't you having fun?"
ou smiled, "Yeah I am."
rancis slapped his thigh, "Zhen dance!" He grabbed you around the waist, twirling you around. You spun out of his arms into Gilberts'. Completing a series of moves, you spun into Antonio's arms. "You got it chica!!!" He squeezed you into a hug.

"I did?" You jumped up and down in excitement.

After that, every day you spent atleast three hours learning the basics of different styles of dance with your three best friends.

--------The day after graduation-------

Lying on your bed you read through the college application, for the college three towns away.

"What are you reading?" Startled you sat up. Antoni stood in your doorway. "Um College application." You tapped the papers, "I'm filling them out." Francis appeared behind him.

"Why?" He looked confused. "
ou frowned "I have to go to college guys." Gilbert, walking into your room, sat next to you. "But vhat about you zird vish?"
ou shook your head, "I've barely saved enough money for the first year of this college. I don't have enough to fly around the world."
he trio grinned.

"What?" You scowled "Its not funny."

Francis grinned, holding up four rectangle papers. They were airplane tickets.

"Start to pack Frau. Ve leave in zree hours." Gilbert smirked.

"But my dad!" You were cut off by Antonio. "We already told him. He's okay with it."

A smile crept across your face. Look out world here you come!
:3 this one took me longer then it should have :I

Its just fluff....again

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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Of course, I have no idea how one might react to that in a real scenario.... Oh, well, this is great any way! I love when the BTT is portrayed as the sweet, lovable characters we know them to be! Well-written with a good plot!
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