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Tiny!Kirkland BrothersxReader
These are the human names I'm using for the Kirkland Brothers   :3

Wales- Dylan

Ireland- Seamus

North Ireland- Sean

Australia- Jett

Scotland- Allistor

England- Arthur


You trudged tiredly through the downpour. It just HAD to rain right after you steped out of your job.

You didn't have an umbrella and your oh-so nice co-workers who had umbrellas didn't  bother to offer to walk you home. As usual.

Geez, just another crappy day in the life of  _______.

You jumped over a puddle and stumbled through another one. Oh well, your shoes were already soaking.


You paused, tilting your head to the side. Had someone just called for help?

Nah, must have been your imagination.
You took another step forward, still wondering if you had heard something.

You froze again, eyes wide.

Step on it? Which means........

You looked down and nearly fainted.

A tiny man was struggling to stay a float in a large puddle. Five other tiny men were clutching a small stick, extending it over the water in an attempt to pull the guy out.All of them were soaked to the bone.

The rain drops that looked so tiny to you, looked large compared to them.

The red haired man at the front of the stick looked up at you and growled.

"Why are ya' jist standin' there gaping? Help Artie!!"

You jumped slightly, then reached down and scooped the struggling man out of the water, feeling slightly silly.

He lay in your palm, gasping and sputter, his little fists clenched. He shivered, his green sweater vest and brown slacks sticking to his skin.

"OI!! PUT 'IM DOWN!!""
The little redhead shook his fist, the four others nodding.

You stared at them, all were shivering. Then you looked at the tiny man on your palm.

No matter how weird this was, you had to help them. They would die if left out in the rain. Or drown in a puddle.....or a feral animal would eat them.

The reasons kept piling up.

The small redheaded man was joined by the two orange-haired men in his shouting. They waved their tiny fist, shouting insults and threats. The brown haired man with the tiny bandage on his nose sighed, rubbing his chin. Beside him the other brunette scowled.

You reached down and scooped them up. All of them screamed in surprise. You winced at the high-pitched screeching sound.

"You guys will either die of hypothermia or get eaten. I'm saving your scrawny asses so be greatful." You growled, scowling down at the jumble of limbs in your palms.


You decided to take that as agreement. Smiling slightly, you headed for home.

-----Time skip-----

You placed the little men on the counter, being especially careful about Artie, or whatever the half-drown one's name was.

"Okay." You crossed your arms, staring down at them,  "Introductions everyone!"

"My name is  _______."

"I'm Allistor. Why are ye' actin' so calm aboot us?" The tiny redhead crossed his arms, water forming a small puddle around his feet.

You shrugged. You really didn't know why you were okay with this.

"I'm Jett!! Nice ta' meet'cha Sheila!" The guy with the bandage on his nose stuck out a tiny hand. You shook it gently with your thumb and forefinger.

"I'm Sean, an' tha's Seamus!!" The smaller of the orange haired men pointed to his rather angry looking twin.

"I'm Dylan." The other brunette nodded, then pointed to the shivering blonde next to him, "And that's Arthur."

You nodded, then walked over to the stove, picking up the kettle and filling it with water. After placing it on the burner, you opened your cabinets, looking through it for the perfect sized bowl.

You set it next to the men, picking up the kettle and filling the bowl with the steaming water.

"I'll go get you guys towels and some clothing."

They stared up at you, then at the bowl.

"Um......Do ye' really have somethin' in our size?"

You nodded, heading for your room.

They were all between four and five inches. You were pretty sure that you had some old doll clothing left.
That should work.

You entered the kitchen, a bunch of doll towels in one hand and a bunch of doll clothing in the other.

The six little men were all sitting in the bowl, glaring at each other.

"Here you go!" You dumped the bundle of cloth next to them ,grinning.
They all went pale.

"Um....Ye' got anythin' tha's not pink?" Allistor asked, his brow crinkled.

"Yeah, and something that's not.......a dress...." Arthur looked fully recovered, although slightly pale.

"Nope, that's all I have in your size. You'l have to wear them until I've washed your clothing."

Having said that, you picked up their discarded clothing and brought it over to the sink. They didn't take their eyes off the pile of pink dresses.

"I'll wait here until our clothing are dry." Dylan piped up, Jett nodded in agreement.

Sean leaned out of the bath and tugged at the corner of a pink and black material.

"These are pants." In an instant his brothers had him in a head lock, squabbling over who got to wear them.

You snorted, turning back to the soapy water you were dunking their clothing in.

Ten minutes later they were all sitting perfectly still in the water, watching as you held a blow dryer in front of their clothing. The pair of pink pants forgotten.

"So, how did you become like that?"
All of then turned to Arthur and glared.

"Artie tried out a new spell of his." Jett spoke up, scratching the bandage on his nose.

"Hmmm." You flipped a small pair of boxers with four-leaf clovers on them.
"So you're all stuck like that."

"Aye." Allistor shot another glare at Arthur.

Clicking off the blow dryer off, you picked up their clothing carefully and set them beside the bowl, next to the towels.

They waited until you had turned around before clambering out, drying off and slipping their clothing back on.

"Now what?"

You rested your elbows on the counter, staring at them. They shrugged looking at each other, then back at you.

"You can stay if you want."

"If you don't mind." Arthur rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

----Time skip------

"GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE PERVERT!!!!" You ran after the laughing redhead. Damn them. They maybe small, but they were as fast as mice when it came to running.

Out of all of them, Sean, Seamus and Allistor were the biggest perverts. Because they were small, they could sneak into your laundry. Luckily for you, Jett, Arthur and Dylan kept them in check. Most of the time.

Leaping over a shocked Arthur, you lunged for Allistor.

You winced as you hit the wall, face first. That was going to leave a bruise.

The you realized something strange. The wall was breathing.....which meant. You looked up, eyes wide.

You were face to face with Allistor. He was fully grown and completely naked. His face went bright red, matching yours.

With a shriek you fell backwards, slapping your hands over your eyes.

"YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!! I'M BACK TA' NORMAL!!!" You heard Sean crow behind you. You kept your hand firmly clamped over your eyes.

It was at least another five minutes of uproarious cheer before they had all calmed down.

Then they remembered that you were still in the room.

"Ah, sorry lassie." The others mumbled agreements.

"Can you guys cover up please? Then we can figure something out."

A few moments later they gave you the okay and you let your hands drop.

They either had blankets tied around their waists. Except Arthur, he was bright red, holding a pillow in front of him. Judging by the smirks on the other Kirkland brothers faces, you knew why.

"So know what?" You asked from your sitting position on the floor.

"We get to stay with you?" Seamus grinned, slinging an arm over Sean's shoulder.
You raised an eyebrow, then nodded.

"Fine, but there will be rules." Raising a finger you jabbed it at Allistor and the twins,  "Especially for you guys."

The brothers nodded, Arthur still bright red.

"What about clothing? We can't really go to a store like this." Dylan motioned to the blankets(and pillow)

"Don't worry! I have something that might fit you." You grinned evilly, flinging open you closet door. The brothers paled at the sight of all the dresses.

"Right. Artie, put on a dress and go but us some clothing. Dyl, you go with him so he doesn't buy anything weird." Allistor reached into the closet and pulled out a fluffy purple dress.

"WHY ME?!" Arthur shrieked, cowering behind Jett.

" 'Cause I dinn'a like you." Allistor smirked.

You sighed, trying to hold back a laugh. It was going to be utter chaos living with them.
:I Based on a weird dream I had. Which explains why this makes no sense at all xD

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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Ostara-Frost Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014  Student Writer
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LethalWeapon07 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013  Student General Artist
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