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You hated camping, you really did. The whole, "No civilization, no toilet and no warm house" thing didn't appeal to you. Nor did the whole "Copious amounts of bugs every where."

You weren't an outdoors person. But that didn't matter, your crazy family dragged you along anyway. To a crappy cabin in the middle of the woods. For Two months.
If you forced yourself to be optimistic, you would be glad that it was a house instead of a tent. You might have been happy that there was a bathroom. But you weren't, so you didn't.

"Awww, if you feel so grouchy, why don't you go for a walk?" Your mother piped up, opening one of the boxes that held kitchen items. You looked out the kitchen window, it was dusk, slowly going dark. What a wonderful idea.

Deciding to punish your parents, you left through the back door. All you had to do was become "Lost" for an hour or so, then saunter back home. That would teach them and freak them out a bit.

Walking into the thick underbrush of the forest, you kept moving until the cabin was no more than a little point of light. Sitting down, you pulled your knees to your chest, resting your head on your knees.

And then you waited.

After a half hour you started shivering violently. It was unbelievingly cold. Somewhere in the forest a twig snapped. You flinched, looking about. Another twig snapped, closer this time. You looked over your shoulder, squinting into the darkness.

"What is a human doing here?" male voice asked, it sent shivers through your spine. You looked up, paling.

A tall blonde man, wearing nothing but jeans stood over you. His hair was loose, falling about his shoulders. You paled as you saw how tall he was.

"Just....enjoying the view?" It came out a question and you flinched as he laughed. His laugh sounded more dog-like than human. He paused and inhaled deeply, his eye half closed. You watched as his chest inflated, noting his well defined muscles.

'I should probably run before he kills me.' You thought, lips pursed. He looked down, his violet eyes narrowed.

"You smell good." A purr like sound rumbled through his chest. You flinched again, but blushed slightly.

'Right, time to run.'

Standing up, you took a step back, lips pursed. He smirked, his eyes still half closed. The bushes around you rustled. Several other men stepped out, all shirtless. You paled, your heart beating at an irregular pace. It felt like it was trying to leap out of your chest.

"Run." The first man barked. And you did. Away from the cabin. Which was stupid, but to late for you to turn back. You could hear them chasing after you, laughing.

You just kept running, adrenaline surging through your veins. There was a clearing ahead, and in it, the edge of a cliff. A crazy thought crossed your mind. A crazy thought that just might work.

You ran into the clearing, right to the edge of the cliff. Then you leapt, diving off the edge. You heard a yell, panicked male voices. There was a hard smack, and you were under water, air bubbles streaming out of your mouth.

You kicked off the bottom and tried to reach the surface. The current was to strong, pulling and tugging you away from the surface. You went limp, knowing that sooner or later you might hit a spot that wasn't as strong. Your lungs burned and white spots popped up in your vision.

Something else entered the water. It was the first man, his blonde hair streaming out behind him. He paddled forward, wrapping his arms about you, pulling you against his chest. You attempted to struggle, but your limbs were weak from the lack of oxygen.

He kicked for the surface. You gasped for air when your head breached the surface. Coughing and sputtering, you clung to him. His wet hair brushed against your forehead as you shivered in his arms.

"Are you crazy?" He struck out for shore, yelling at you for being so stupid. You didn't listen, still trying to get your breath back. Dumping you onto the shore, he sat next to you, wringing his hair out. You coughed, curling up into a tight ball, tears stinging your eyes.

He slapped your back rather roughly, grumbling in a foreign language. You scooted away from him, glaring. He smirked at how your now wet shirt clung to your form.

"Okay, bye bye psycho." You stood up shakily and wobbled towards where you though the crappy cabin was. He grabbed you about the waist, placing his lips next to your ear.

"It's dark out and there are worse things then me out there." He clicked his teeth together, you noticed that his canine teeth looked like wolf teeth. You shivered, then shrieked as he hoisted you over his shoulder. You yelped angrily as he groped your ass.

He began walking in the opposite direction, whistling tunelessly as he went along. You glared at the forest floor as it passed beneath you. You were to angry and scared to admire the way his back muscles worked as he moved along. (Or how nice his ass was.)

Soon you could hear voices, lifting your head you noticed that you were in a village of sorts. A mixture of tipi's and wooden cabins. Some of the men who had been in the forest were there, laughing as they watched you carried in like a slab of meat. Women and children poked their heads out of windows and leather flaps, staring as you went by.

He kept going until he had reached the outskirts of the small village. There was another tipi, rather large in size and a bit worn looking. Setting you on your feet, he motioned for you to enter. You glared and shook your head.

He rolled his eyes and picked you up again, entering the tipi that way. You struggled, but gave up. He was too strong.

Setting you down, he turned and tied the flap shut. You glared at his back, shivering slightly in your wet clothing. He sat across from you, stretching his muscles. They rippled like snakes under his skin. You averted your gaze, frowning.

"My name is Matthew Williams."

Geez, it was a very plain name for a guy like him. You had been expecting something more rugged and outdoorsy.

"I'm   _____   ______."

He nodded and forced a smiled. You didn't return the nicety. Instead, you moved as far away from him as possible. He frowned, lips pressed into a tight line.

"Why did you say I smelled nice?"
His lips twitched into a smile and you instantly regretted asking him. Leaning forward, he started at you until you looked away, embarrassed.

"I was only stating the truth. You smell good." A chuckle rumbled through his chest.

Great, creepy guy who thought you smelled good.

You glanced towards the tipi entrance, wondering if you could make a run for it. Probably not. Even if you managed to get out with out Matt catching, you would still have to deal with the other men in the camp. You were stuck until he let you go.

Matthew stood, going over to a small wooden box. Reaching in, he pulled out a simple dress. You narrowed your eyes, pulling your legs to your chest.

"Youe clothing is wet, so...." He trailed off, looking extremely embarrassed and angry. You scowled and shook your head. He scowled as well, narrowing his dull violet eyes. You both glared at each other until someone tapped on the tipi flap.

Matt grunted something and another man entered. He grinned at you, his crimson eyes taking in your soaking clothing and the scowl on your face. You noticed that he was missing a tooth.

"Frenchy wants you Matt, he's pretty pissed." The tanned man's grin grew wider as he saw how red faced Matthew was. Throwing the dress to the floor, he brushed the man, growling.
After Matthew had left, the other man turned to you, still grinning. You kept scowling, locking your arms over your chest.

"I'm Al, Matt's younger brother."

You nodded warily as he sat down across from you. He let out a laugh, smirking.

"Do you want to stay here?"

You shook your head, a faint glimmer of hope swelling inside you. He nodded, looking serious.

"Then don't accept anything Matt gives you."

You raised an eyebrow and he chuckled.  "Don't question it. If you survive one night without accepting anything, then you can leave."

Survive? What was this place?

"Is this some sort of test?"

He nodded, scratching his head. Then he shook his head.

"More of dodging a very nasty trap."

"Which would be?"

Al glanced at the tipi flap, then back at you, leaning forward to whisper. You leaned back slightly, still wary of him.

"A trap to keep you here, as Matt's mate."
You felt your cheeks heat up, then your scowl deepened. He raised his hands before you could speak.

"We aren't humans, not really."

"Then what are you?"

He grinned, and you noticed how the one canine he had was just like Matthew's, sharp and dog like.

"Werewolves babe."

If you weren't freezing cold and scared, you might have snapped a sarcastic reply. But you were far too confused, the sarcastic part of your mind had left you. Alfred got up, looking slightly guilty.

"You know..... You're the first person Mattie has ever caught. Francis, Oliver, Ivan, Lutz and all the others already have mates. Mattie doesn't."

"Do you?"

He rolled his eyes.  "No duh. Geez, you must have inhaled a lot of water."

You scowled as he left. You lay on your side and curled up, biting your lower lip. This was going to be hard. Can't accept anything.
You could do this. You would be thirsty and starving, also freezing cold, but you could do it. Matthew entered the tent, a red palm mark across his cheek. He glared at you, flopping down onto a pile of furs.

You watched him as he glared at you, biting his lower lip. You glared back from your spot on the floor, remembering Alfred's words.

"You hungry?"

"No." Your stomach rumbled, obvioulsy it wasn't going to work with you. Matthew scowled, his eyes narrowing.

"What did Al tell you?"

"Nothing."  His glare intensified. You glowered, clenching your fists.

The next several hours were spent with Matthew trying to trick you in excepting different things. They ranged from food, to fur blankets. You refused everything. Becoming tired of his insistent badgering, you turned onto your side and pretended to fall asleep.
You didn't know how much time had passed after that. It had to be midnight or sometime after that. You stared at the worn leather of the tipi wall, trying not to cry. You were just about to turn and yell at him when a sound stopped you.

It was a muffled sound, like Matthew was trying to suppress the noise. You looked over at him, your eyes wide.

Matthew had his fist pressed against his mouth. His shoulder shook as tears dribbled down his cheeks. His back was to you slightly and he didn't notice that you were staring at him. You felt your heart clench in sympathy.

"Why are you so upset?" You watched as he flinched, then spun to glare at you. He sneered half-heartedly, his cheeks still wet with tears.

"Why do you fucking think, eh?" His voice shook and you noticed that his bottom lip was trembling. You shrugged, trying not to flinch under his intense gaze.

"Every single time one of them has come back with a girl. The one time I get one, she knows the rules and is getting away."

"Sorry." You didn't know what else to say. He looked so heart broken and fragile. The part of you that wanted to leave slowly shrank as another part, the part that didn't want him to cry, grew larger.

Reaching out, you took one of the blankets he had offered you and wrapped it around your shoulders.

"I accept!"

He looked at you, mouth a gape. Then he scowled.

"You don't mean it."

"I do." You smirked as he struggled not to smile crazily. Wiping the tears off his face he gave you a tiny smile. You smiled back, feeling that some how this was the right decisions.

"You do realize that I'm a werewolf."


"That means our kids will be werewolves." He laughed as your face turned bright red. You hid your face in the fur blanket as he continued using that raspy laugh of his.

"You sound like a crow."

"You look like a tomato."

You laughed as he wrapped an arm around your shoulder, nuzzling his face against your neck. Your blush intensified, but you rested your head on his.

"Damn Matt, you know how to bring on the fluff."

You both turned to see Al at the tipi flap, grinning like an idiot. Matthew glared, his violet eyes intense.

"Want me to punch out your other canine Al?"

The other man paled and quickly left, muttering to himself. Matthew smirked.

"Teach him to butt in while I'm having a moment with my mate."

You had thought that your face couldn't get a deeper shade of red, but it did. Matthew grinned as you sputtered.

So you didn't like camping. You hated the outdoors. But you did love a sexy werewolf.
xD Yeah I finished it!!!

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I own nothing but the plot!
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