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March 17, 2013
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You had always been able to see the wolf. You couldn't remember a time when the wolf hadn't been there.

When you had grown old enough to talk, you told everyone about the wolf. Your parents would laugh and joke about how your imaginary friend wasn't like other children's imaginary friends. At first it had confused you. You could see the wolf, even your best friend Felix could see the wolf.

The both of you had fun, waltzing about with the pink, bow tie wearing wolf.

But soon, even Felix denounced the wolf, laughing at you for having an imaginary friend.

So you ignored the wolf, hoping it would go away. When it didn't, you would yell at it to leave. Of course you were smart enough to make sure you were alone when yelling.
It would leave and you would feel free, no longer needing to worry about being insane. but it would come back. It always came back no matter what you did to shoo it away.

The stupid pink, bow tie wearing wolf. How you hated it.


You looked up from your book, your mother was standing in the doorway, looking into your bedroom. You took in her coat, suitcase and slightly disheveled appearances.

"Something has come up with your Aunt. Your father and I will be gone for a few days."
You nodded, returning to your book as she left. Barely a minute had passed when you cellphone rang. Not bothering to check the caller ID, you picked it up, pressing it to your ear.

"Sup broski?"

"Hi Felix."

You smiled slightly, hearing the familiar accent of your friend. Despite years of living in America, Felix still had his amazing accent. When you were younger you had been jealous of his accent, something he still teased you about to this day.

"So like, you parents are gone....Can I come over?"

"I guess s-" You broke off and glared. The pink wolf had just come through your door. He had been gone for three weeks, the longest amount of time he had ever been away.

"Great, I'll, like be over in a bit."

There was a click and the line went dead. Snapping the phone shut, you went back to your book, shooting glares over the top every once and a while, just so the wolf knew you were angry.

"I'm sorry poppet. I know you hate me."

Your head went up so fast you felt your neck crack. The wolf was gone and in it's place was a naked, pink haired man. The blue bow tie that was usually tight about the wolf's furry neck, hang limply against his pale collar bone.

"W-Wha...Who?" You stuttered, trying to form a question. He blushed, his blue eyes downcast. He hunched his shoulders, avoiding your eyes.

"I'm Oliver, a werewolf, you've only ever seen me as a wolf."
You nodded, still trying to figure out what was going on. One thought stood out against the others in your mind.

'He is to cute for his own good.'

You quickly erased the thought. He looked about the room and you tried to look at anything but him.

"Can...I um.... Take a bath? It's been a while since my last one."

You nodded silently, still to dumbfounded to completely process what was happening. Picking up your phone, you quickly dialed Felix.

"Sup Play'a"

"Um Felix, I don't think you should come over right now."

"Vhy not?" He sounded more curious then hurt. You took a deep breath, wondering how to explain.

"You know that wolf that everyone told me was imaginary?"


"Well, I don't think he is."

"Okay.... Vat made you dink dat?"

"Um....He turned into a man."

Silence. Then Felix sighed.

"So like vat does he look like?"

"He's small-ish...... and has pink hair and a bow tie."

Another long silence. You wondered if Felix was considering calling the loony bin. But he didn't, instead he shocked you with his next question.

"So like, is he short small, or are you saying dat he has a small d-"

"FELIX!!!" You yelped, face bright red. "That is NOT what I meant!!"

You could here the shower running and what sounded like someone singing. Great, just great. You didn't know if you should cry or run around screaming.

After you finished talking to Felix, you slumped against your covers, massaging your temples. This was a big problem. Either you were completely crazy, or the entire world had gone crazy.

You looked up when a sound came from the door way. The werewolf/man thing was standing there, his hair and skin dripping wet. A fluffy towel was wrapped securely around his waist. Your eyebrows went up as you noticed that he suddenly had freckles.

"Did you sprout freckles in the shower, or where you hiding them?"

Most people might have joked about it, but he didn't. Instead, Oliver hunched his shoulder, his bottom lip trembling. You watched dump founded as he began sniffling, like he was going to cry.

"Oh, geez." Standing up, you walked over to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. Even though he was a bit short for a man, Oliver was still taller than you. Lifting his head, he gave you a watery smile.

"I'm sorry poppet."

"What for?"

"You hate me."

You sighed and rolled your eyes. Of course he would pick the topic that would be hardest to talk about. Looking back at him, you took in his droopy, sad appearance. He was like a kicked puppy.

"It's not that I hate you." You sighed again, trying to figure out how to explain it.  

"It's just that.... No one else can see you."

"Course they can't!!" Oliver grinned, tapping his neck where his bow tie had been. You squinted and leaned forward. A tiny skin colored bump was on his neck. On closer inspection, you could see that it was blinking faintly.

"It distorts reality, that way people can't really see me. They choose not to see me."

Okay then. So he was real, but that device on his neck made people ignore him?
You stared, trying to wrap your mind around the notion. The man blushed nearly as pink as his hair. You didn't notice, too busy thinking.

"But why me?"

You noticed his blush when it turned a deeper shade than his hair. Oliver began looking all around again, trying not to look at you.

"Well... Um.... I like you a lot and..."

You watched as he slowly trailed off lamely. So he liked you. In which way?

"Alright. But is that any reason to basically stalk me?"

"Yes." He squeaked, covering his face with his hands. Then he squealed and caught his towel before it fell off his skinny waist. You blushed and looked away.

"Because I want you be my mate!" He winced when you looked at him, as if he was expecting you to hit him. You just stared, flabbergasted.

"I'm a werewolf..... I..." Oliver stopped, flopping down on your bed and covering his face with his hands. You tensed, waiting to see if he would cry.

"You won't eat me?"

"Of course not poppet!!!" He looked faintly disgusted by the notion. You felt slightly relived.

"You won't force me to do anything I don't want to do?"

"I won't!" He made a motion like he was crossing his heart. You nodded, then smiled, flopping down next to him.

"Then I wouldn't mind being your mate!"

The smile that spread across Oliver's face could have lit up the sky. He wrapped his arms around your waist, nuzzling his face against your neck. You squealed, giggling slightly. He placed feathery cupcake scented kisses up the sides of your neck. Pulling away, Oliver smiled. You smiled back, nuzzling against his neck.

"I think I might fall in love with you Ollie."

He blushed at the nickname, his smile widening. Oliver knew he had made the right choice when he picked you.
Ollie!!! xD This one took a little while

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I own nothing but the plot.
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