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March 10, 2013
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The large wolf lying next to you was like a giant heater. You shifted, kicking the blankets off. The wolf lifted it's large, shaggy head, snuffling slightly in apology. You smiled, running a hand over it's blonde back.

Once a month this wolf would appear in your backyard, whining and snuffling. At first you had freaked out, almost calling the police. But something had stopped you. It was the wolf's eyes, dull purple pools that made you rethink about calling the police.

Now, when ever the wolf showed up, you let it in the house. It had taken to sleeping across your legs or lying with it's head on your shoulder. It also always left before you woke, leaving the strange smell of cigarettes behind it.
"Why do you come here?" You muttered, tapping the wolf's large black nose. It sneezed, making you cringe. Wiping your hand, you rolled your eyes.

"You're like a werewolf or something, I swear."

That got the wolf's attention. It lifted it's head and stared, purple eyes wide. The perfect picture of human surprise. You laughed, then sighed, resting your head on your hands.

"You really need to take a bath."

It snorted turning it's head away. You smirked, poking it's slightly matted shaggy hair. It really was a dirty wolf. You had cringed the first time he had come into your house. Now you had gotten used to his filthy appearance (Not that you liked it.)

"Why do you always leave before morning?"

It didn't reply, ears flicking back in annoyance. You grumbled under your, flopping onto your back. Your eyes slid closed and you fell into a peaceful sleep.

When you awoke, he was gone, once again leaving the sent odd cigarettes behind him. And so you waited. It would be another month until you could see the wolf again. The month dragged by, you stumbled through the normality of life. It was really boring without the wolf.

Heck it was like your best friend. You told it all of your secrets, not caring that most people would view you as crazy for talking to a wolf.

A month came and went, then another and another. You grew worried, wondering if it had been captured or hunted down and killed. You considered searching the woods for it, then decided against the notion. It was to dangerous, there might be other wolves as big as it who might have been aggressive.

A loud sound startled you. Looking up, you could see the wolf, pawing at the glass door overlooking your back porch. It backed up, then slammed a shoulder against the glass, whining and yipping.

You opened the door, then stumbled backwards as it staggered in. Something was wrong. It was whining, as if in pain. You gasped when it fell to the floor, and began writhing.

You watched, shocked, as it's body shrank, the fur receding. A few moments later and man lay curled up were the wolf had been. His lank hair was the same color as the wolf's fur, and quite frankly, he wasn't really any less hairy than the animal.

You stood still, unsure of what to do. Then you noticed the other wolves. All of them snarling and slowly stalking towards the door. You slammed the door shut, locking it. It was a glass door, which was bad.

You ran into the other room, the came back dragging  the bathroom door behind you. The wolves watched as you wedged it into the doorway, effectively blocking the door way.
At least until they ran full force at the door. Which would hopefully not happen.

You turned back to the collapsed man. Hooking your arms under his, you half carried, half dragged him into your bedroom.
Now what? You had several angry wolves in your backyard and a naked werewolf in your bedroom.

"Zey won't come in."

The man lay on his side, the blankets draped over his waist. You raised an eyebrow. He
rolled his dull purple eyes.

"You 'elped me. It means you've accepted me."

Accepted him. Why did that phrase send alarm bells through your mind? You stared at him, mulling over the several different things it could mean. Only one made absolute sense when put in the same sentence as a werewolf.

"So....That's why you've been coming here."

He nodded, running a hand through his hair. You sighed and rolled your eyes. He mimicked you, then smirked at your expression.

"Which means?"

"You're my mate now. No going back or refusing." His eyes slid shut, his words becoming sleepy. Your eyes narrowed,  No going back or refusing? So basically this had been a set up. He had tricked you with the help of his wolfy friends.

Your hands cam down on his shoulders, pulling him out of bed. His eyes went wide, panic flickering in his violet eyes.

"Right, my first command as your mate. Take a bath!"

"Wha--What?!" He let out a shriek as you shoved him into the bathroom. Seeing as the door was gone, you stood in the doorway, smirking at the man.

He had really chosen the wrong person to trick.
A few of you requested that I make a Werewolf FrancexReader so I decided to do one with 2P!France.

Werewolf!2P!CanadaxReader- [link]

Werewolf!2P!GermanyxReader- [link]

Werewolf!2P!AmericaxReader- [link]

Werewolf!2P!EnglandxReader- [link]

Werewolf!2P!PrussiaxReader- [link]

I own nothing but the plot
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