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March 10, 2013
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What would you do if your were trapped, face to face with a maniacal wolf?

Most people would scream, others would freeze up. It was really good you weren't most people. The moment the wolf had entered the clearing, it's teeth bared and hackles raised, your survival skills had leapt into over drive.

You had run to the nearest tree and climbed up it, moving like a monkey. The dark auburn wolf howled and snarled, trying in vain to climb after you. You stared down at it, trying not to pass out from fright.

Your heart pounded against your ribs, beating at an erratic pace. You locked eyes with the creature and shuddered. It had magenta eyes. You had heard of wolves with icy blue eyes or beautiful violet eyes, but never magenta.

Saliva flew from it's jaws at it snarled a frenzy, scratching and biting the tree. You shuddered each time the wonderful oak was jolted.

'If I live through this, I'll never use anything made by trees ever again.'

You clung to the oak, squeezing your eyes shut. The trunk shook again, making you squeak in fright.

A loud snarl, deeper than before ripped through the cool night air. You peeked your eyes open and gasped. A larger, honey blond wolf had stepped into the clearing, growling low in his throat.

His muzzle was defaced by a nasty scar. Other scars ran down his sides and back, crisscrossing and leaving nasty patches of no fur.

The magenta eyed wolf whimpered, it's ears flicking back. It lowered it's muzzle, slowly flipping onto it's back, showing submission. You watched, mouth agape as the bigger wolf stalked over, it's teeth bared.

Snorting, it turned and let out a short yip. Two other wolves slinked around the trees, their eyes glittering. One was a lean black wolf with red eyes while the other was a slender white wolf with violet eyes, his fur was marred by numerous scars.

The two wolves leapt forward, grabbing the auburn wolf by the nape of it's neck and dragging it away. The large, muscular blond wolf padded over to the base of your tree, staring up. His icy violet eyes and numerous scars sent shivers up your spine.

Great. You almost wished that the crazy magenta eyed wolf was back, barking up a storm and trying to kill you. The blonde wolf seemed to smirk, it's large teeth glinting in the moonlight. You shivered again, clinging even tighter to the tree.

And then you nearly fell out of it. Because the wolf was changing.
It's fur covered skin rippled and bubbled before it's form shrank slightly, the hair receding.

A blonde man with violet eyes stood beneath the tree, smirking up at you. You blushed, he was completely naked. His smirk grew, lunging forward, he scaled up the tree easily, his muscles moving like snakes beneath his scared skin.

"Hallo Kätzchen." He purred, his pale eyes flitting over your form. You shuddered, you knuckles white from how tight you were gripping the tree.

Kätzchen. That was German for kitten. And what was the overused stereotype about cats and dogs?  Dogs chased cats.

You let go of the tree, dropping several feet. Landing with a gasp, you took off into the forest, not caring which direction you ran. You heard an excited howl behind you. Glancing back you could see that he had turned back into a wolf, tearing after you.

Great. Just great. You sincerely hoped he would trip and get a concussion, then forget all about you. But luck wasn't on your side at the moment.

In no time the werewolf had caught up, slamming into you. You fell to the ground, turning to glare at the animal/man. He had turned back into a man, giving you a good view of his buff body. (And other parts.)

"You owe me Kätzchen." His German accent and deep voice really suited the werewolf look. You scooted back slightly, not wanting to stand up.

"For what? Getting crazy to stop chewing the tree?"
His eyebrow arched and a smirked. He crouched and you averted your eyes, blushing. You could practically hear his smirk grow bigger.

"I vill stop chasing you if you say 'I accept'."

"What am I accepting?"

A chuckle rumbled through his wide chest. Leaning forward, his nose nearly touching yours, his smirk intensified.

"Say it or I vill kill you."

You scowled, the grudgingly said it, as quietly as possible. He grinned,  "You're going to be fun to mess viz."

You shrieked as he picked you up, holding you bridal style. You scowled up at him, trying to ignore the heat is body radiated. His smirk grew and you let out another shriek as he fondled your ass.

"Stop it!!"

"Nein. I'm allowed to play viz my mate."

His mate? He laughed at the shocked expression on your face.

"Zis is going to be a lot of fun Kätzchen."

Great. First a maniacal man eating wolf and now a perverted werewolf with a dirty mind. At least he wouldn't kill you.... hopefully.
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I own nothing but the plot.
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Superdaughter2 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014
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if this were me in real life, i'd slap him then run off like crazy
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Romacat Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
Geeze this is really well done! I was actually kinda scared and felt like I was clinging to that tree for life! Awesome!
maricurie90 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
Do you think you could make one of these with 2p! Italy? :swedeeyes: 
Earthmonkey1992 Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Student Artist
will there be part 2?
Ostara-Frost Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Student Writer
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Hey im not a cat imma tiger thank you.... will you make another part to this or no
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