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More than a snack


You glowered at your reflection in the dusty mirror, wondering how it had come to this. your fingers tapped lightly against the ugly purple bruise  nestled in the crook of your neck.

Scratch that, you knew exactly how this had happened. All because of a stupid desire, a childish wish.

---Flash back---

You sat on the edge of your bed, trying to hold back the wave of tears. You were suffering internally.

Suffering from the taunts of the other girls at school, suffering from the sexually harassment the boys seemed to enjoy putting you through. Suffering from the Teachers ridicule and lack of interest in the bullying.

"Damn Them, Damn them all to hell." You whispered. flopping onto your bed and burying your face in the covers. A few tears escaped, sliding down your face, leaving a salty wet trail behind them.

"You know, it's not very nice being damned." a lightly accented voice spoke up. You ignored it, thinking it only a hallucination. It wouldn't surprise you if it was. After being called crazy for a good year anyone could go insane.

"I am not a hallucination Frau. I'm to Awesome for zat!"

You scowled into your pillow, fighting the urge to look. But your curiosity was to strong.
Twisting into a sitting position you looked up and promptly froze, your face draining of color.

A white haired man was sitting crossed legged, three feet of the ground. He smirked, his crimson eyes dancing. The light form the over head light bulb made his leather outfit gleam.

"Like vat you see?" He wiggled his eye brows suggestively, running his tongue along his bottom lip.

You didn't even blush, just scowled.  "What do you want?"

He blinked, seeming slightly startled.  "Vait, how come you're not turning red?"

"WHAT. DO. YOU. WANT." You repeated, a little more aggressive.

"Calm down, Calm down." The man lifted his hands up, a slightly bemused look crossing his face.

"I felt a depressed spirit and zen heard malevolent vords and came to check it out." He shrugged like this was completely normal.

"What are you?" You whipped the tears off your face with the back of your hand. He grinned, tilting his head to the side.

"I am ZE AWESOME Gilbert Beilschmidt." Gilbert proclaimed, bending at the waist slightly in a mock bow.

"I asked what you were, not Who you were."
He rolled his eyes, mutter how being awesome was what he truly was.

"I'm a demon." Gilbert shrugged, as if it was no big deal.

"Where are your horns? Your tail? Bat wings?" You arched an eyebrow. He rolled his eyes.

"You humans, I svear. You all exaggerate vat you see." He stared at you, and smirked again.

"Fine, you vant zose? You'll get zose."

Gilbert's eyes narrowed. Something dark swooshed past you, spiraling towards the demon and latching onto the side of his head. It swirled upwards, becoming a solid gleaming black horn.

You looked over your shoulder and gasped. All the shadows in your room, except yours, were peeling off the floor and spiraling towards the demon.

When you looked back at him, you saw wings starting to form and a tail. The horns on his head looked like liquid darkness.

In a way they were.

After the shadows had stopped, he stood up, his feet gently landing on the floor.

"Tada!" He struck a pose, you stared at a loss for words. Gilbert rolled his eyes. mutter under his breath about 'unawesomness of humans'

"Here's ze deal. I'll help you make your like better and you let me eat a little piece of your soul."

"Go to hell." You flipped him the finger. Gilbert laughed.

"Vere do you zink I came from?"

You scowled, scooting away from him. Gilbert followed, crawling onto your bed, his hands sliding up to your waist.

"Vell? How about it?" He was now leaning over you, his hands on either side of your head.

"How will you do it?"

"Kesesesesesesese. Zat's a secret Frau." His breath was warm against your face.

"Which part of my soul will you take?"

"Ze part you don't need."

"Which is?"

"You'll find out soon enough."
You stared up at him, staring straight into his crimson eyes.

"It's a deal then."
His grin grew, you could see that his canine teeth were pointed like a vampires.

"Let me make my mark zen."

"Mark?! What do you-!" Your words died in your throat. Gilbert placed his lips on your neck. Your hands came up, slamming against his chest.

"What are you do--Aaaaah." You broke off with a low moan. Gilbert smirked against your neck, sucking and biting the one spot. His tongue swirled against your neck.

"S-Stop it." You placed a foot on his chest, trying to push him away with all your strength. His mouth detached from your neck with a squelch.

"Kesesesesesese. If I didn't know any better, I'd say ze Frau enjoyed it." Saliva glistened on his lips. You sat up shakily, a hand over the tingling spot.

----Back to the Future----

You stood up sighing, fixing your uniform. Picking up your school bag you looked towards the bed. Gilbert sat there, his shadow wings and tail rustling slightly.

"How will you follow me to school without being noticed?"

Gilbert stretched, smirking.  "Like zis." He scrunched his face up and crossed his eyes. You would have laughed if he hadn't looked so serious.

With a tiny pop, he shrunk to the size of a key chain. You stared down at him, not surprised by his strange behavior any more.

"Now I'm like a Key chain!!!" His voice was squeaking and high pitched. Flicking out his tail, he curled it around the handle of the bag, hanging upside down like a demented bat-human hybrid.

Sighing you nodded and headed for school.

You pushed through a crowd of business people, cursing the long walk to school. Gilbert whined slightly as he was slapped mercilessly by one of the mens hands.
Slipping out of the crowd, you sighed. Stumbling forward you ran head-first into something.

"Oops. Sorry! I wasn't looking were I was going." An American accent voice piped up.

"Me neither." Looking  up you felt your eyebrow arch. The girl looked like she was around your age, dressed all in black with  short, salmon pink hair. But that wasn't what drew your attention.

You were staring at the doll in her arms.

The doll looked strange. It looked like one of those Japaneses Ball joint dolls. Wavy golden hair, cerulean blue eyes, dressed in a purple button up shirt and white slacks. But he had wings, horns and a tail, just like Gilbert. And he looked too alive.

"What's his name?" Your throat felt dry.

"Francis." She nodded towards your bag,  "I'm guessing that your little key chain is more than meets what meets the eye?"

You nodded, still staring at the doll. It winked, the little grin on it's face growing into a smirk.

"Be careful with him." She walked off, the doll in her arms.
You nodded, not sure what to make of her warning.

Gilbert snorted, "Looks like Francis got stuck viz anozer girl. I svear he does zat on purpose."

You raised an eyebrow, "You know that doll?"

"He's not a doll Frau. He's just like me."


---Time skip----

"Watch it! Ugh, you disgust me!"

You rolled your eyes, walking past the group of squealing mindless girls. Your hand was cupped over Gilbert, making sure he couldn't be seen.

"What happened to your neck?!"

"Eww, I bet she paid someone to do that."

"Yuck! What a Freak."

You were going to kill Gilbert. Stomping into an empty bathroom, you locked the door, slamming your bag onto the counter.

"Fix this!!" You hissed, pointing to the mark,  "Make it go away!!"

The demon shook his tiny head, "Nein. It stays until your contract is up."
Your shoulders slumped. The turmoil inside you was growing and the demon was just adding to it.

"So! Time for ze first phase of mein Awesome plan!" Gilbert clapped his tiny hands together, his tail whipping back and forth excitedly.

"Which is?"

"Zis!" He stretched his wings to their full extent, they made a low creaking noise.
Gilbert quickly grew back to his normal size, His horns, wings and tail quickly disappeared. His leather clothing melted into a t-shirt and black skinny jeans.

You stared at him, waiting for an explanation.

"Now I'll pose as your boyfriend!"

"How does that help me?" You were starting to regret your contract. What ever he was going to do wasn't worth part of your soul.

"You'll see. Just get back to class, I'll take care of everyzing."

You left the bathroom, carefully avoiding the large groups of girls and boys. Stepping over well placed feet with the intent to trip, you managed to get to your first class without indecent.

---Time skip----

It was now after lunch and nothing had happened. It wouldn't surprise you if Gilbert had been a hallucination. Because of him, you had eaten lunch behind the school bleachers.

The school principle entered the classroom and spoke in a hurried whisper to your biology teacher. She nodded, every once and a while glancing at the class.

"Um, the principal has informed me that we have a new student. He has just finished a tour of the school."

You felt your eyebrows arch. So this was Gilbert's plan. Clever.

Gilbert sauntered into the room, a cocky grin on his face. You fought the urge to roll your eyes.

Several girls looked like they were going to faint, even a couple of guys.
No wonder you hated school, being in close proximity with these morons.

"I am ze Awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt. I transferred to zis school to be viz my lovely  ______."

He blew a kiss in your direction.

You slouched in your seat, trying to ignore the glares and stares of the other students. A few of the girls sat whispering, shooting you venomous looks.

You barely noticed when Gilbert took the seat next to yours, instead focusing all your attention on the blackboard at the front of the room.
He slipped you a note.

Wait until PE, that's when the really fun begins.

You looked at him out of the corner of your eye and shuddered. He no longer looked human. He looked like a creature that had wrapped itself in a human colored blanket in a poor attempt to imitate one.

You knew only one thing for certain. You didn't want to see what he would do.

---Time skip----

On any normal day you dressed for gym hurriedly, not wanting to hear the taunts and jeers of the other girls. But today, you dressed as slowly as possible, dreading what ever Gilbert had planed.

No, not Gilbert. That name was probably fake. The Demon, was better. It didn't let you get too attached.

"Hurry up!! I wanna see Gilbert in his gym uniform." One of your tormentors stomped her foot.  "I don't care if Gilbert is your boyfriend, I'll get him to see that your nothing but a freak."

And then you'll get to see that he's a soul sucking demon, you thought wryly.
You followed behind the throng of girls, trying to not look like you where about to throw up.

"Okay everyone!!! We're going to play dodge ball!" The Gym teacher announced.

Yes, let's play throw semi-dangerous projectiles and hope no one gets hurt.

The day after Dodge ball you always had several bruises. Mainly because you were the main target, even your own team mates threw the balls at you.

The class was quickly divided into teams. Gilbert was chosen as one of the captains. He chose you to be on his team and refused to choose anyone else.

"Ve can do zis all on our own! Mainly because I am Awesome und you are not."

The teacher shrugged and you suspected that Gilbert, no, the Demon might be the reason the gym teachers eyes had become vacant.

"Vere I come from, ve play a much awesomer version of zis Dodge Ball." He picked up one of the blue rubber balls, spinning it on his finger like a basketball player.

"It's a mixture of Dodge Ball und Hide and Seek."
The ball kept spinning, faster and faster.

"I'll count to ten, you all have to hide and pray zat zose hiding places are good."

You looked up at Gilbert and shuddered again. Once again, he didn't look human. This time he possessed an inhuman beauty.

"Eins, Zwei, drei, veir,  fünf, sechs, sieben, acht, neun, zehn."
The ball stopped spinning, poised perfectly still on the end of his finger. none of the students had moved.

"Ready or not, here zey come."
Gilbert tossed the ball to the ground, it hovered there, a few inches of the ground.

"Let's go. Before it gets messy."

"What? What's going to happen?"

You noticed that the rubber of the ball was bubbling-----no, it was stretching, like something was trying to get out.

"Don't vorry. I'm just going to give zem a little scare." Gilbert picked you up bridal style, the wings shooting out of his back, unfurling like great black sails.

Crouching slightly, he jumped up, crashing through the sky lights above the gymnasium. Executing a spiral turn, he flapped the shadowy wings hard, heading for the cherry blossom park.

"Won't people see us?!" Your eyes were tearing up from the speed he was flying at.

"Ja! But you humans alvays cover up ze supernatural. Zey'll probably say a large bird or somezing flew by."

He landed near a thicket of trees, folding his wings up and letting them vanish into his back. You sat on the ground next to him, your hands in your lap.

"Now what? How will scaring them help? I can't go back to that school now."

"Exactly!" Gilbert flashed you a grin, his canines glinting.

"You get a new start! And zey vill never bully people again!"

"Great." Your shoulders slumped, you could have easily done that on your own. Now you were going to lose a piece of your soul.

"I beg to differ mon cheri."

Both you and Gilbert flinched, turning towards the voice.

It was the blonde doll, except he wasn't a doll any more. He leaned against a tree smirking. He still had his wings and tail, but his horns were gone.

"Gilbert can't eat souls any more."

Beside you Gilbert frowned, clenching his fists.  "Vat are you saying Francis? I still poses all of mien powers!"

Francis laughed, his shadowy tail flicking lazily behind him.  "Try to make your wings appear again."

The albino closed his eyes, concentrating.

Nothing happened.

"VAT?! How has zis happened?!" Gilbert stared at his palms, as if they harbored a hidden answer.

"Zey were fine a minute ago!" His voice cracked on the last word.

Francis laughed, "Oh hon hon hon hon. Don't you get it Gilbert? Look at your fleurs neck."

Gilbert grabbed you, tilting your head to the side and staring at your neck. He blinked, rubbed his thumb over the side of your neck, scowled and let you go. You rubbed your neck, blushing slightly.

"So I'm an unawesome human? I zought only angels could turn demons human."

Francis shrugged, rubbing the stubble that ran along his jaw, "Or you could 'ave committed one of ze big no-no's."

"No-no's? Vat are you, a zree year old?"

"Non." Francis pouted. Gilbert nodded and rubbed his chin, glaring at you.

"So vait...... I committed a virtue instead of a vice?"

Francis shrugged again, his tail curling slightly,  "Oooooor you committed ze L-word, you know 'ow ze big boss doesn't like zat."

Gilbert's eyes went wide. "No, zats not possible." He glanced at you, his cheeks turning red.

"Is it?"

"Oui. You fell in love, Big time."

The albino's eyes narrowed,  "Vat about you? How come you still have your powers?"

Francis's face paled and he backed up slightly.

"W-What do you mean? I 'ave never done anyzing like that." He laughed nervously, his eyes darting from side to side.

"Oh yeah? Vat about Jeanne d'Arc? And ze ozers?"

The other demons shoulders slummed and he sighed.  

"I 'ave been lying to you ze entire time Gilbert. I'm really an angel."

" Zats Bull shit." You raised and eyebrow at Gilbert. He made a face, clearly still pissed he was a normal human now.

"Nope. Zat girl you saw earlier was 'elping me get to my next destination."

"Vhich is?"

"It was 'er. But you got zere first." Francis pointed at you, grinning slightly.

"You vere going to save her soul of somezing?"

"Non, just keep idiot demons away." He sighed dramatically, "Sadly my 'andler gets lost easily so we were late."

"Ze pink haired girl?"

"Oui." Francis stretched, the shadowy wings and tail falling to the ground and disappearing.

"Well off to my next job. I 'ope my 'andler doesn't get lost again." He waved and walked off, hands in his pockets. The pink haired girl rounded a corner, panting slightly. She slapped Francis's shoulder, most likely telling him off for disappearing abruptly.

"So, I'm a human. Zis sucks."

"Only if you want it to." You grabbed his hand and smiled up at him.

"Hmmmm." Gilbert stared down at, then smiled back.

"You know vat frau? I zink you may be right." Leaning down, he gave you a quick peak on the lips.

"I zink zis actually might be fun, especially vith you by my side."
Oh my frickin' god. That took me for ever to write!!!! But it was worth it ^u^

lol This is the first time I've ever put myself in one of my stories. (This will probably also be the only time I ever do that xD)

Angel!Spain- [link]

Demon!Prussia- Here

Doll!France- [link]

I own nothing but the plot ^u^

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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